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Diamonds Hadder

Field Notes



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Lord Zabble and the Castle Fanglor

Field Notes from Diamonds Hadder: On the topic of meeting Erza.


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The Child

Field Notes: From the book of Evermore. The day Master Zabble finds Diamonds hadder.



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The Warmoths

Field Notes from Diamonds Hadder: On the topic of the Warmoths.



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Red River and the Luna Moth

Field Notes from Diamonds Hadder: Field Observations from Diamonds hadder along red river.



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Kilwaughter: The dream coin the rail and the queen.

Field Notes from Diamonds Hadder: On the topic of his dreams and the destruction of Kilwaughter Castle.



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The wind the prison and the Leaf.

Field Notes from Diamonds Hadder: On the topic of Evermore Travels, John Hadder and the Cypress Swamps.



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Klipso: From death comes life.

Field Notes from Diamonds Hadder: On the topic of Klipso and the Paper Cage.

When I arrived at Kilwaughter Castle I was young and always felt out of place… a stranger of sorts amongst the things and people I encountered. Zabble did his best over the years to make me feel normal and blend into the crowds but it was obvious that I didn’t view the word through the same eyes as everyone else, no pun intended. There was a lot of confusion and misunderstood pain in me… a longing and yearning to understand why I was who I was and where I came from. I seemed to find solace in the gardens of Kilwaughter…



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Medlins Cloak and the worm in a butterfly suit.

Field Notes from Diamonds Hadder: On the topic Zabbles story about Master Medlin Kilwaughter and his Face shifting cloak.


"Little Hadder… by now you’ve seen enough of men to know that you’ll always be viewed differently and perhaps maybe even harshly because your different. Surely a worm is not treated as a butterfly, yet they are the same, only wearing different costumes in life. When I was young, I studied with a man name Medlin, Master Medlin Kilwaughter. He built this place. Perhaps you’ve seen his portraits scattered around the Castle. He was rather fond of his portraits and often stared at them in the middle of the night.. whispering to them for hours…



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Europa: Finding the hidden Diamond City.

Field Notes from Diamonds Hadder: On the topic of finding the Doorway to the hidden city of Europa and learning of his true identity.

We came over another ridge, it was me and Ezra and our new mysterious friend who saved me and Ezra from that dreadful encounter at the outer rim of the forest. I’ll talk in more detail about that another time, for now I wanted to make note of this journey to the hidden doorway of Europa. I think these notes will come in handy for lord Zabble. He’ll be happy to hear about the black forest and what truly lies beyond it, it’s a place he’s only read about in secret books but never had the chance to see for himself.. perhaps someday I can take him here. We approached a large cliff face at the top of "Black Mountain"… the mountain is covered in Black Dolomite



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Lord Skynn of Escandell and the Kydone Temple

Field Notes from Diamonds Hadder: On the topic of Lord Skynn, The Lost Art of Kyon, The Kydome Temple and Diamonds Hadder's mother and father.

Diamonds Hadder: "Who are you?”


"Mr. hadder… My name is Lord Skynn, Master of the 4th house of Escandell… I serve your mother…yes, your mother… queen Marion of Europa, I’m sorry I had to hide my identity from you. Your mother had very strict orders, to find you, to protect you and to bring you home safe, I felt it was best for both of us that I keep my identity a secret until now.


Diamonds Hadder: "I don’t understand?"


Lord Skynn: “Your name is John Hadder, the only son of Johnathan Hadder, the human mage who defeated King Krell long ago and took up arms with the Warmoths. The markings and language that grace your eyes are part of a very old and powerful magic john..



The Bridge

Field Notes from Diamonds Hadder: On the topic of The Gorgon bridges and Black Mice.

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We’ve been sitting on the hillside a while, Lord Skynn arrived a few hours ago carrying a few large bags filled with something. Who knows what he’s up too but he’s been fairly quiet since he arrived. Although I hardly know him, I can see he’s a man who believes in things and I find it easy to trust him. That’s not something that comes easy with me. He left me and Ezra here with strict orders not to approach the bridges and to stay on high ground above the mossy patches of earth along the road. He seems rather cautious these days and rather addiment that we do as he says… this is a strange land that I’m not familiar with......



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The Keeper and the Key

Field Notes from Diamonds Hadder: On the topic of Master Medlins Death and the Keeper and the Key.

Zabble sits by Master Medlins bed in his personal chambers high in the 3rd tower of kilwaughter Castle.


Medlin: “Master Zabble, I’ll be leaving very soon. I’ve been preparing for this day for a long time. You’re ready as you could ever be. I’ve done my best to prepare you for what’s to come. The rest of your journey you’ll have to take alone. Shed no tear for me as I have other plans beyond this place, as you will someday as well. I hope I’ve trained you well and fair and that you always....


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Medlins Door.. and not another more.

Field Notes from Diamonds hader: On the topic of Zabble and Skylark and the discovery of Medlins hidden door in the lower level of Kilwaughter.

(Master Medlin has died and Zabble and skylark make for the lower level of the castle.)


Zabble, the new keeper, wandered the castle hallways clutching Medlins puzzle medallion that now graced his neck. There was a somber feeling that hung in the halls of Kilwaughter,.. aside from the various portraits of medlin of course… it’s master was dead.. a few magic books followed Zabble the best they could although they seemed to be lost and moving differently.. frantic a bit… bumping into each other.. books without their master..



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Mattix: The Guardian of the Library

Field Note: On the topic of Zabble and the discovery of Mattix, the Wooden cat.

(Zabble is crossing the threshold of Medlins Door for the first time.)


As Zabble stepped into the room.. the strange wood knocking noise stopped rather suddenly.. skylark followed close behind.. as well as the klipso fog and some annoying magic books which were happily chasing skylarks tail.. the mysterious room was very dark other than a few oddly illuminated books on dark shelves. The books seemed to have a slight glow.......

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Field Note: On the topic of Medlins Letter to Zabble.

The Letter


(Soon after discovering Mattix inside of Medlins secret library.)


As Zabble descended the Ladder… and rejoined Skylark the knocking and clicking noise from mattix seemed to follow.. it jumped each shelf of books rather elegantly. Rubbing itself against the book casings and arching it’s back… pacing back and forth. It seemed to know its way around the shelves quite well. Zabble and Skylark couldn’t help but stare in amazemen......

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The Coin Book

Field Note: On the topic of Zabble finding the Coin book..

The library was quiet… candles flickered while strange little golden dusk globes danced in the stale air of the hidden room. Medlins magic silver light switch hovered in the air on the desk and made a strange humming noise as its magic lit the room. If there ever was a sound of spells in motion, I suppose that would be the sound of it. A low winding noise, almost like an unsettling vibration of time and space. Like poetry to a wizards ears. Zabble sat a moment.. just staring at all the shelves and all the books… he imagined the words that were

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