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The Child: Zabble meets Diamonds Hadder

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Field Notes: From the book of Evermore.

Master Zabble entered the Black Forest early in the morning.. not exactly a place to be at that time or any time really, named after the Drok witches and their magic that called this forest home for as long as any book could tell. A rumor of a child abandoned on the outskirts on the forest is what drew him here. Not really a thing that Zabble regularly leaves his castle for, but a dream the night before of a man with red eyes had haunted him so and something told him to go.. some unseen feeling.. another problem with the forest is the warmoths of course, although they don’t exactly harm humans without cause.. it’s best to just avoid such encounters and they do seem to frequent the forest at night.. he approached a clearing near the mouth of the red river and suddenly heard the faint hum of classic warmoth singing, an odd dissonant song only they make.. it’s said that if you even try to utter a warmoth song you’ll never speak again, or wake from the night.. and so it’s been this way forever...

The creek was loud and in the distance he could see some shadows huddled around something in a circle.. warmoths perhaps.. although it was an odd sight to see them huddled in such a composition. Close to each other. They are nomad creatures who tend to travel and hover in flocks though they keep to themselves mysteriously.. he approached with caution although he felt no fear from them.. they knew if him as most did... the legend of zabble and his power was far stretched. As he came upon the circle he could see that it wasn’t them that were singing.. it was a small child.. wrapped in a blanket with gold and silver writings... a language he didn’t recognize, in the hundreds of languages he was well versed in, but what was more interesting and shocking was the singing or humming that the child was doing.. it was the song of the warmoths, how bizarre, as he stepped even closer he suddenly noticed the warmoths were gone.. rather suddenly and abruptly, the face of the child was slightly covered by the blanket... it’s strange markings now almost glowed in the dark as if sensing danger.. and under some illumination spell, but it was an odd unrecognizable magic. He reached his hand in to uncover the child’s face.. to see him.. and the song stopped as the blanket slid over to reveal the child’s face, it was then that Zabble saw the red tattoos that decorated the child’s eyes.. in a similar magic as the golden blankets spell, the tattoos also glowed slightly and moved with the dark.. it was an odd sight, not a solid red but a finely etched red pattern so small and intricate that it appeared to simply be solid red, but in fact it was a universe of words and things that Zabble couldn’t unravel or begin to understand. But he decided perhaps, because from his dream and premonition, that he would try. And so Zabble called him Diamonds Hadder and took him home to BOK. “Diamonds” for his eyes and “Hadder” for the famous human mage, John Hadder, who ended the war between the warmoths and men and who disappeared in the Black Forest just before the Kilgore temples were built and the vicious rule of the young lord Bane began.

- evermore


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