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Lord Skynn of Escandell and the Kydone Temple

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

I'm off to virgin river to meet the red towers. I thought it best to post this before I go.. in case something happens to me. Farewell.

Field Notes from Diamonds Hadder: On the topic of Lord Skynn, The Lost Art of Kyon, The Kydome Temple and Diamonds Hadder's mother and father.

(Following the discovery of the Europa, Diamonds Hadder, The stranger and Ezra are standing at the doorway to The Diamond City high atop the Black mountains.)

Diamonds Hadder: "Who are you?”

"Mr. hadder… My name is Lord Skynn, Master of the 4th house of Escandell… I serve your mother…yes, your mother… queen Marion of Europa, I’m sorry I had to hide my identity from you. Your mother had very strict orders, to find you, to protect you and to bring you home safe, I felt it was best for both of us that I keep my identity a secret until now.

Diamonds Hadder: "I don’t understand?"

Lord Skynn: “Your name is John Hadder, the only son of Johnathan Hadder, the human mage who defeated King Krell long ago and took up arms with the Warmoths. The markings and language that grace your eyes are part of a very old and powerful magic john.. it’s called the Kyon and you ae not the lone wielder of such a power… although some are graced with more insight and control and direction than others, you’ve been deprived of proper training and knowledge although I’m sure Lord Zabble did his best with the Bokonean magic he had to work with. That’s all I should tell you for now, your mother can tell you the rest. We still have quite the journey to the gates of Europa and it’s better we travel at night. This is your home my lord. There’s so much more you need to know and see. You have more power than you could possibly understand."

(Diamonds Hadder stood quietly listening to Lord Skynn, his eyes fixated on a particular red tower and the strange glowing light that pierced the tip of the tower and ascended into the sky through the cloud base above the city… a place he had seen in his dreams.)

Lord Skynn: “The Kydone Temple. It’s beautiful I know. The Kyon training dojo and uploading chambers reside there.”

Diamonds Hadder: “The what?”

Lord Skynn: “I’m sure you have a lot of questions, but for now we really must be moving along… it’s not safe here… and you’re not safe. Until we reach the Red Towers I suggest you use your cloak. There are spies on the road and rumors of your return are well traded. Your wanted my lord… dead or alive. We should get going, it will be dark soon and we could use the cover of night, at least until we pass the Gorgon bridges outside the first city. You don’t want to be in Gorgon country during the day.. Gorgons have quite an appetite for the reds.

(Hadder was frozen there a moment, listening to lord Skynn but staring out over Europa… the words didn't seem real... my mother... my father... my home.... glowing reflections of the diamond city lit in his eyes in an even more ominous red cast… his cloak swung in the heavy wind with a buckling sound that echoed off the rocks… behind him the dark clouds of Evermore and BOK and the thought of Killwaughter Castle, Master Zabble, and his dream were heavy on his mind… a stark contrast to the glowing magic portal on that cold white plateau… and that other worldly view over Europa and the unknown answers that surely lie beyond the secret doorway, Ezra inched closer to him and sounded a little moan and grumble brushing against him… as if to say she understand his thoughts and to reassure him that she would protect him at all costs, he tugged at her long messy hair and smiled)

Diamonds Hadder: “I know girl…”

(Finally after a few moments of quiet.. lord Skynn said..)

“The gazers talk of a red prince… of a powerful floating weapon and a king with black diamond eyes… and the fall of the Diamond City… but who knows for sure… profits, deceivers… or fools…..

one thing seems clear my lord… There’s a great war coming, and it’s time you return home, to train, come, let’s be on our way.. your mother misses you.”

Diamonds Hadder: “What of my father?”

(Lord Skynn fell quiet a moment… his eyes drifted to the floor pondering the question and the depth of his answer at this time. After a brief silence, he walked up and placed his hand softly on Hadders shoulder and whispered..)

“Come my lord, we’ll talk on the way.”


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