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The Letter and the War

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Field Notes from Diamonds Hadder: On the topic of Medlins Letter to Zabble.

(Soon after discovering Mattix inside of Medlins secret library.)

As Zabble descended the Ladder… and rejoined Skylark the knocking and clicking noise from mattix seemed to follow.. it jumped each shelf of books rather elegantly. Rubbing itself against the book casings and arching it’s back… pacing back and forth. It seemed to know its way around the shelves quite well. Zabble and Skylark couldn’t help but stare in amazement at it. Zabble turned to skylark… “meet Mattix” with a little grin he rubbed her head and turned for the only desk in the room.

As he approached the desk, he noticed a little silver ball laying in a sliver dish of sorts… it looked like metal with strange markings carved into it.. as he walked closer to it… it moved a little as if sensing his presence. He could make out some of the etchings and they appeared to resemble a fire spell of some sort… it didn’t seem to be a menacing code so he decided to reach for the ball. As his hand came closer to the ball it started to hover directly over the disc until it was an inch or so in the air. Zabbles eyes seemed to sparkle as he reached for the ball… being a student and master of the arts, anything related to magic and wonder seemed to turn Zabble into a little child.. as if playing with blocks for the first time. Zabble grinned, understanding what was happening… as though he was unwinding the magic as it was activating… or at least following along with the dance of the spell. Finally, he smiled, turned to skylark, and tapped the ball… and boom… magically all the candles in the library suddenly were lit. Skylark jumped back as it happened. “hmmm… well that’s an elaborate little trick” he whispered under his breath…. Giving a glance to Medlins portrait which hung rather ominously behind the desk… The room was much brighter now and Zabble decided to sit in Medlins Chair a moment. He imagined Medlin sitting there each night… working on things in the wee hours of the night and it gave him a warm feeling. He reached for the orb and tapped it…. And all the candles went out in a poof… skylark jumped again as if the world stopped and she glared at Mattix as though it was all its doing as she prepared herself for an attack… the candles then lit and unlit and lit again… as Zabble chuckled at his desk. Finally, skylark realized what was happening and simply laid down on the floor in a disgruntled sigh. Mattix on the other hand was busy inspecting holes and crevasses in the bookshelves and that was enough entertainment for skylark who let out a groan and grunt every so often as if to say, “Come Down here and play with me”. Zabble noticed a little drawer directly on the front of the desk, it was slightly pulled open with the edge of an envelope barely visible sticking out of the drawer. As he pulled the drawer open… a little dust flew into the air and sparkled like little electric fireflies in the room... and the letter fell into the drawer. It said Zabble on it. Hmmm… he turned a moment to the portrait, paused, and then reached for the letter and opened it.

Dear Zabble,

I see you’ve found my desk. Thank you for being a great student, an inquisitive wizard and my trusted friend. I never imagined I would have a child on this earth as I couldn’t stand the idea of such a messy thing, but you were the closest thing to a son I’ve ever had. I will say at times you made me regret my decisions to avoid such matters of the heart. I thank you for that. What I’m about to share with you is very important. I’ve pondered my own passing for some time… knowing all along that you would become the Keeper some day. I’ve secretly done my best to prepare you for this day. Welcome to the library. In my younger days Zabble, which I don’t speak of often, I was a traveler. A wandering mage…. thirsty for knowledge and hell bent on being the greatest wizard the Bokonian Sekt did ever see. This was long before you were born. On that path and over the hills… I stumbled upon things you wouldn’t believe…… and these things I soon realized needed a place to be remembered… and so I started collecting books and writing a few of my own…… writings gathered from the ends of the earth… soon the pile of knowledge became too large to carry in my sack or keep in my head or to hide in the forest. And so I built Kilwaghter and this hidden library. Most of the secrets of this world are on these shelves now… things you have no idea about. A hidden magic and the story of places and people and things you know nothing about. The task of keeping this story and knowledge safe and perhaps writing a few books of your own.. is in your hands now. Regarding these books… Inside every version of a story there is a single truth. The truth happened. Inside every word, is a code that defines the letter and that is connected to an action in the natural world. This secret room holds the world together, for without the words that are on these pages the world itself could be lost. Regardless of all that, we are the keepers of this word… and there are some things, some words, that must find you so that you might make a difference when the time comes.

Zabble, listen closely my friend, there is a greater war at play… even in a time a peace it is happening… in secret places and quiet corners of the earth, there is a balance of life itself that is ongoing, a war like no other… a forever war… not led by men but by unseen forces that control men for unknown reasons…. As simple as it might sound… light and dark are in constant conflict…… it’s a battle each day… our sun is a physical thing that could die… without it, the dark would be forever. We are the light Lord Zabble in some way, we survive because if it… we embody it… everything that is good is born from light… therefore light is life inside Evermore.. and the dark is rooted in evil thoughts and death and the destruction of all things and the end. Its relentless. Knowledge is the key Master Zabble.. knowledge is our ally... consider this, we can place rocks along a doomed riverbank to change its direction and keep it flowing but understanding the river and it’s reasons and it’s rhymes are needed to help you place those rocks in time. Therefore, the word is sacred... a sharpening stone for an otherwise dull and useless axe. I’m sure this all seems a bit confusing and overwhelming as it did to me so long ago… perhaps I placed a few rocks in the river myself many years ago…… perhaps Johnn Hadder defeated the king single handedly or perhaps he was aided mysteriously by unseen forces… hmmm.. you have a lot of reading to do. I’ll help if I can when I can if the time comes for such a thing. For now…. On the 4th shelf… the 08th book from left to right… is where you must begin. The winter moons are close. Remember your promise to me.

Never stop learning Master Zabble, or worse yet, thinking there is nothing left to learn. I trust you’ll do the right thing. Please keep my portraits clean.. and hanging.. an give skylark a hug for me. And don’t let Mattix out of the Library, he doesn’t get along with other small cats.

I’ll be watching.

Master Medlin

Zabble sat quiet a moment… just the flickering candles could be heard in the room and a slight snore from Skylark who seemed to have passed out while Zabble was reading. His eyes moved through the room to the 4th shelf. “hmmm… he muttered under his breath… I really should make some tea.”


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