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Diamonds Hadder

   I awoke under a tree. Its heavy limbs had wrapped around my ankles. It was for many years that I had fallen asleep there, I can only guess. My hair was tattered, and my heart ached, clothing ripped and skin burned from the hillside sun flares. I stumbled down the road in a fog to the oddest pulsing sounds in the distance, something I never heard before, wondering where I was, hypnotic they are, and beautiful….  everything seemed so different and unfamiliar. I came upon a sign that read Bok, which I later came to call home. A small town on the outskirts of evermore, nestled in the hills. I settled here and began writing a story, my story, in this place that made me feel whole again. Certainly no one could understand the events that brought me here, not even me, although small flashes of liquid pains still run through my blood… but I’m no longer attached to the reasons of the surge. I find peace in the song and music of the “Warmoths”, at least that’s what I call them now. I’m quicker these days and my metal wits are as sharp as a laser cutting through the darkness of doubt and fear. I’m awake for the first time in a while. There was dried blood on the tree beside me that fateful day I awoke on the hill, it said “Diamonds Hadder”, I don’t know what it means but I guess time will tell. I dream a lot and it’s difficult to know the difference between this "real" world and the place of my dreams, but that’s ok, they’ll both take me and us to the same place in the end. I only know one way to be. I’ll honor that dream as long as I can. Have wings, will fly. Hope to see you soon on that hill. Good luck to you and godspeed. - J                                             

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