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The Keeper and the Key

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Field Notes from Diamonds Hadder: On the topic of Master Medlins Death and the Keeper and the Key.

Zabble sits by Master Medlins bed in his personal chambers high in the 3rd tower of kilwaughter Castle.

Medlin: “Master Zabble, I’ll be leaving very soon. I’ve been preparing for this day for a long time. You’re ready as you could ever be. I’ve done my best to prepare you for what’s to come. The rest of your journey you’ll have to take alone. Shed no tear for me as I have other plans beyond this place, as you will someday as well. I hope I’ve trained you well and fair and that you always trust the light in the darkness. I’ve seen your path through the woods Zabble, if you only knew what I have seen.”

Medlin struggled to lift his head and reach for a necklace he was wearing. It was a medallion of the sun etched in Bokonian text that translated to, the keeper. Medlin waved his hand over the medallion which seemed to activate and open a strange puzzle mechanism that was perfectly hidden and woven into it’s design. Inside the medallion a strange red glow could be seen spilling out as the 2 halfs cracked… inside was a tiny but ornate key.

Medlin: “Take this.. it’s the key to the forbidden lower level of the castle. You’ll find things down there that will keep you busy. Secret things, old words, forgotten spells, magic books and enchanted wooden cats, lost things… old coins and hidden trinkets. Even a smart mouse or two. It’s time you know everything and maybe more. The castle is yours Master Zabble. I’m proud of you, I could not have had a better student or friend. You’re like the son I never had. You’ll serve this place well in my stead I’m sure… I’ll be watching over you. Before I leave… I have one last request my friend.

Zabbles eyes opened wide.. his chest lifted with his spirits… his tone strong and clear.

Zabble: “Anything my lord… just say the word.”

Medlin: On the first winter moon, after the dream, you MUST go to the edge of black forest… you MUST… there you’ll come upon something that is of great importance to me and the fate of this world. It’s you Zabble, the new keeper, who MUST go. You’ll know what to do then.

Zabble: I don’t understand Medlin, what dream, what is it in the forest I will find.

Medlin: You’ll know when you see it… my son.

Zabble eyes began to water, and tears fell from his face.

Medlins voice went soft and quiet… to a faded whisper… his hand on Zabbles hand… he was saying things as he drifted off…. smiling… something about a coin book and a queen…. A prince… and a hidden city… but it was to faint to understand or make sense of. He was smiling while his voice suddenly began to softly whisper the song of the warmoths… and then he was gone.

Zabble took the key from Medlins hand, a strange thing it was, polished silver with strange red etchings on it that seemed to glow to his touch. He starred at it a moment then placed it in the medallion which suddenly closed perfectly with an odd and complicated puzzle like clicking sound.. “Hmmm… the keeper” Zabble said in a faint grumble… he wondered if it would ever open again. A tear came to his eyes as he held Medlins hand.. one last time…

Zabble: “My lord” he said, “I don’t feel like I’m ready.”

His voice fell in silence.... other than the faint echo of his last trailing words as they echoed through the empty hallways of the castle... "I'm ready... I'm ready.. I'm ready."

A keeper of what… he wondered. As he stood and headed for the lower levels of the castle and the door that such a key might unlock.


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