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Red River and the Warmoth.

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Field Notes from Diamonds Hadder:

I found a rather stunning Luna Moth yesterday in the courtyard gardens and it reminded me of an old field note from my journal. So I dug it up and shared. I'm on pleasant holiday from midnight carvings while my stargazer idol warms in the sun a few days, a much needed break from the tiny details and dust velocities is in order before a final signature is burned in the wood. I can only do so much, in the end were all just boats being pushed around. You have to make choices, hard choices sometimes, from heart to head to hand... we never really get to the top of the mountain, we only enjoy the sun a little while before climbing again. I was talking to Zabble about heading into the revine to spend some time alone over by Barkers Notch. I'm exhausted from the climb and my axe is quite dull. I received word from emissaries that more commissions are in order so I really need to sharpen the blade so to say. So much I care about, so much I've done and still so much yet to do... I often ponder if it was all in vain. I guess pondering is part of me and my dreams. "Stay the course Mr Hadder... stay the course"... I can still hear Zabble's calming voice echo in the darkness of the lower tower. Anyway, soon enough I suppose. I now have a Luna moth to talk to.

Yesterday I was sitting by the red river just enjoying a little peace and quiet as the sun was getting low in the sky. I noticed a warmoth by the river bank.. it was dim and so it’s transparent wings were fluttering different colors… not sure exactly how that works but it’s very fascinating. In the dark they almost become invisible, the 2 main enormous wings shaped like a luna or a tiger moth. Hence the floating triangles that people often envision when you mention warmoths. It almost looked like it was exercising them or testing them out or stretching them.. or dare I say just having fun. I noticed some interaction with some dragonflies which seemed quite fascinated as well with the warmoths tail lights and I think the warmoth was teasing the dragonflies and playing around with them… flashing his lights as they investigated. I think people have a misconception of them, perhaps the name they were given has something to do with that. The more I know about them the more I wonder about men.. I see much more harmony with the natural world and warmoths than I do with men, and their the constant overwhelming need rule and judge and destroy. I guess not all men, but, as I get older I seem to relate with the hero john hadder more and more. Zabble has me out here taking notes for him.. but I must say, I rather enjoy the hillsides at dusk.


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