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Medlins Cloak and the worm in a butterfly suit.

Field Notes from Diamonds Hadder: On the topic Zabbles story about Master Medlin Kilwaughter and his Face shifting cloak.


"Little Hadder… by now you’ve seen enough of men to know that you’ll always be viewed differently and perhaps maybe even harshly because your different. Surely a worm is not treated as a butterfly, yet they are the same, only wearing different costumes in life. When I was young, I studied with a man name Medlin, Master Medlin Kilwaughter. He built this place. Perhaps you’ve seen his portraits scattered around the Castle. He was rather fond of his portraits and often stared at them in the middle of the night.. whispering to them for hours… I do believe he put a spell on each painting.. but for what purpose I’m not so sure. I suspect he sees into our world through each portrait. I sometimes imagine that other place he's at now with little tiny paired holes on dark walls... little windows to our time. I cover the eyes sometimes just for fun… .. grumble grumble... Sometimes I can hear the frames scrap against the wall when I move past them as though he’s trying to see around the red tape I put over the eyes.. like he wants to see where I’m going. Oh such a spell thwarted by simple tape... I'm sure he's cursing me some nights for outwitting him. Who knows for sure… it’s just a guess. Grumble grumble. Master Medlin gave me a very special gift when I completed the 1st volume of Arkons bible of spells books. A face shifting cloak. Master Medlin wore this cloak often around that castle and seemed to enjoy playing tricks on me with it. I can remember one time in particular when he pretended to be a beautiful woman, apparently lost in the gardens, to which I was quite taken by and actually started having feelings for… ha… yes, the mind is a powerful thing Mr hadder. Lord Medlin later told me that as fun as his antics were, they served a purpose, to teach me that not all things are what they seem and that magic is more powerful than the mind and simple perceptions. Knowing this is very important. The cloak has been with me a long time now and I occasionally use it in town when I simply want to disappear and study the habits of men. I may have even used it on you several times without you knowing…. Grumble grumble… It’s a powerful gift to change your identity and appearance. “Oh, if a worm could only wear a butterfly suit Little Hadder. What a world this would be.” I’ve just about taken everything I can from it and now it’s time to give it a new home. I had a dream about you Mr hadder, years from now, and in this dream you were wearing Medlins Cloak… and you were carrying a great weapon, a red saber etched with the same red patterns that surround your eyes. You were standing with Ezra on the hills above BOK, there were other things I saw which I would rather not discuss right now. I only dream of truth Mr Hadder and so I think it’s time you take this. You can be anything and anyone with this cloak. You’ll need it from what I can tell, in this world of men, who will always see and fear you as a stranger and threat because your different. Let it conceal your powers and identity when needed and perhaps it will give you an advantage in your own battles to come.

This dreadfully wonderful thing never did seem to fit me…. there… a perfect fit Diamonds Hadder, imagine that, you seem to be the same build as Master Medlin, hmmm, or perhaps maybe he made it for you all along. I wonder.”

Zabble paused a minute and tapped his temple… as if pondering that thought quite deeply... staring into space… then shook his head and broke his thought to say..

You’ve come a long way Little Hadder… I’ll turn you into a wizard yet."


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