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Opening the 2nd Gate

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

A few words today, yes as you can see some things have changed. What was once a dream is now a little closer to a reality. Lord Zabble warned me about the dealings at barkers trading post.. and as always he was right. We talked often about it. So I cleared a path beyond the first gate, I was done just looking at it from above the hillside. This is all I have left now, there is no other choice but to obey the visions that keep coming to me… the words… the ideas that pluck at my skin and boil my blood over. I feel as lost as a fool and as sharp as a dagger… as mad as the magician and as twisted as right could ever be. I suppose it’s time to at the very least run to the cliff and take a leap of faith.. surely no one will ever understand the jump nor would they understand the flight soon after until the sunlight literally falls to darkness from the shadow such a leap could cast. Of course, we fall as well. I just want to dream and build the tower of that dream till the end. If you’re here now, reading, well… welcome to something you probably are confused about… or maybe just maybe your intrigued by the possibilities of a person’s conviction and the level of that commitment.

I think for now I’ll leave it at that, the gathering is now in session. For at least the next month or so I hope to see what this land has to offer.

“Knock knock.”

Come in child.



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