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Not Another More

Updated: Jun 1

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The room was quiet. just the late light was spilling through the back room.. a cluttered place filled with things from broken towers.


 “Hello my lord”


Hadder was startled and jumped.


Hadder: “Hello? Mr Evermore? Is that you?… Where have you been?”


“I’ve been here.. watching... you fool. Do you think I wouldn’t see that fire in my Canyon. What’s wrong with you my friend.. I’ve been waiting to see who you would become.. the hole you dug was deep my friend. I wasn’t surprised. Did you smell the sage? How was your sleep?”


Hadder: “What do you mean?”


“The sage… it was poisoned you know.. Do you remember the fire? Have you had any dreams lately…”


(a soft laughter echoed off the wooden floors.. a low rumble that shook his very being)


Hadder  “Who are you?”


“Well.. let’s just say I’m from that place that never was.. even though you think you know. I am many things some of which you wouldn’t understand. I planted these oaks.. for you actually. Did you think I would leave you to die my little dead rabbit?”


(The oak branches tapped on the windows and scrapped the wooden roof overhead like a child dragging his fingers over a chalkboard.)


“It’s time I came back.. although it seems like it was so long ago… time really is nothing to me.. you’ve only just begun to awaken. You really weren’t ready yet.. for what is coming. But we started with small steps.. I’m proud of you although you really have been fucking around lately and I thought it was time to remind you again.


Hadder: Time for what? Remind me of what?


“Time to give you some more pages. Some more memories. You didn’t think you thought all this stuff up yourself, did you? Zabble, Evermore, BOK… dear lord Johnny or Hadder or who ever the hell you think you are today, a rabbit maybe who still believes he is imagining things under some oaks he accidentally stumbled into.


(A deep sigh rattles the twisted oak branches like thunder)


“I made this forest for you long ago.. it sat quiet for thousands of years. each tree was handpicked and sculpted from a tiny seed. “Master of the weeds”? Did you hear them last night? Have you noticed they follow you in the yard? Did you think these hadder tales were your doing? Ha my dear Johnny… when will you finally wake up. Oh you’ve hardly crawled from the twisted roots of your prison. It’s time to rise now and look around a bit more.”


Have you seen Zabble lately ?


(a strange laughter could be heard again. echoing in every room of this dwelling just as a large tree branch feel on the roof with a loud bang that literally sent chills up Hadders back. Jups took to the air and flew into a small hidden crack in the ceiling.)


Hadder: “Who are you?”


“The man behind that old door.. where you first started to remember.


Hadder: Remember what? Where does the door go?


“Hhhhh… young Hadder…. Enough of this “dilly dally”..  you should try to stay awake. The night.. oh she’s so dark just before the day light breaks. If you need me.. I’ll be inside the silver lights you hung. I’ll be watching your fire closely.. stay awake.. the things you need will come in due time.”


(The room grew very quiet and dark as the sunlight slipped below the horizon. Hadder sat in the dark thinking about that old place… and the doorway in the dream and the fire that changed his life. “Who’s the man” he still wonders. In the dark a few soft whispers could be heard… . “Not another more”... “Not another more.” They said… trailing off into the shadows of the day.)


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