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Image: Some things from LITR Music Video.

"It’s been a few days here in Grygar canyon, it's not looking like we'll arrive for All-Hallows night as first intended... me and Ezra have have following a strange light through the notch. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. At first I thought it to be a simple illusion… as though perhaps my eyes were just seeing things. Two nights ago it entered our campsite… we were sleeping and I awoke to see it hovering over Ezra as she slept… it was then I realized this was no play of lights … a magic trick perhaps… I think it’s alive, it vibrates and can seem to change color and size.. I do believe it’s investigating us. For what reason, I don’t know. It doesn’t seem dangerous. I get the sense it’s leading us somewhere… it seems to stay in the forest just far enough away from our camp. Each day as we start moving again, I see it keeping ahead of us… Ezra is well aware of it as well… she lifts her nose and smells the air in the direction of it and occasionally gives me a look as if to say “I see it too”. At first I felt perhaps it was following us but at some point it seems we’re following it. It’s leading us to the mouth of the red river basin.. the gateway to great white mountain overpass. We all seem to be traveling to the same place. Why? Hmmm… what is the reason for all this? I thought it best I write this little mention of this orb in the event things go horribly wrong… or wonderfully right. Tomorrow we’ll start to climb and who knows… maybe there’s something up there I need to find or see. Ezra seems a little on edge… we can both see White mountain in the distance… it looks cold up there.

Well, I best put this away and get moving. It’s a long road ahead and Ezra is currently grumbling impatiently at my slow pace.

“Well… I hear you over there, I’m coming”

“grumble grumble”.

I suppose we have a new friend with us on this journey. Farewell for now.

-Diamonds Hadder


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