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Chamber 408

"Knock knock, twist the lock, crack the door and kiss the floor. The black tower is fired up and running."

If you only knew the depths of the dream. Reflecting today on the lights coming from the tower... and the trinkets and things that speak to me in the shadows on the walls of her chamber. Sometimes it feels like a free fall... and other times it's a powerful flight over tree tops. One second it's a crash, another a flash. This week I return to the "Child of the Sun" and a new whistle called 'We Shine" which has been kicking around in the black box as of late.

"Stay the course, there's always forever, and kill the ghost... tonight."

A bit of a lone wolf on parade this month. It's been a week of reflecting on the hillsides during the day, sitting with the Warmoths and planning things in my head to the sweet sound of the dead grass blades bending and swaying into one and other. A month of imagining larger things before they come to fruition and having the courage to see them through, whatever the cost. The stage, the work, the lights, the characters, the new record... the Warmoths.. the open minded road, so much to do, and the only choice we have in life to obey the voice that whispers to us in the face of it all.

They're so much to say about what's happened the last few years, you have no idea. I was involved in another project which took me away from the first incarnation of the Guard, the new Hadder and the original vision of evermore that came during my ocean rides and hillside quests just before the fires. I should have known better. Truth is I'm not surprised by people anymore in life and I took what I could from it for fun and now that thing is over. All the words and work I did over the last three years are in my vault, safe. When will all that work see the light of day? Time will tell soon enough I suppose... in some form or another... at least my parts will. There's just to much blood and sweat on it all to let it sit in the dark. For now, there will be a "Stargazer" release soon with a video. Yes, it's about time for that. And I guess we'll just see what comes to chamber #408 and the new Hadder residence... and what will happen to the #lost #tor #record

The new stage is almost set for something interesting and inspiringly delightful. A great time kill for all. At least for the next three months while the hills have grass again. Here's some pics from the chamber 408.

- evermore


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