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Amidst the Dream

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters

Good morning… we had a little storm recently and some lightning hit the tower, Ezra is still quivering and I think I lost a tooth. Truthfully, I had some building and moving to do this week. It was a lot of work and I’m finally rounding the bend on it. Real life happens amidst our dreams, yet the river it doesn't stop. Sometimes we have to sweep up the little messes we create while we paddle for our lives… in order to create new messes downstream. I’m doing that to my own little soundtrack of “Kind Winters” while dreaming of the first full Hadder record and the road trips and people i'm yet to meet along the way.

That’s all for today, the new Tower is just about up and running, I’m still decorating the place with little Hadder touches… a few little things left to move but I suppose the lock on the old tower will be moved this week, along with he 408 mantel stone that graced the threshold of that old skeleton… making room for this new home and place I find myself in. I'm hearing Zabble loudly this week... "Stay the course Mr Hadder, stay the course."



Some random video to some of the ending building blocks of Kind Winters. Early sketches.


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