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Update: Medlins Cloak and an open doorway to the Stargazer.

Image Info: An image I took wearing Medlins Cloak while collecting rocks for an empty castle.

It’s Friday in Late October. I’ll be carving something up very soon but first I’m tracking a storm over BOK. The white stuff. Nothing would please me more than to stay cozy in my lower tower and continue down the rivers end, but I have a very important meeting with some very old friends in the hills that can not wait.

A few little updates:

The Novel. It was nice to put up a few pages this week… Klipso and Europa certainly came to life from a highway thought to a reality of sorts. So many ideas came from my recent pilgrimage. I connected a lot of dots for the novel during my time in the white forest. Soon you’ll hear about Master Medlin Kilwaughter and his Face Shifting Cloak, a rather genius piece of hardware, that may or may not come in handy for Mr Hadder. I'll say May. We’ll see what my time on white mountain will reveal. I’ve added the field notes page now and it's nice to see it all there… it’s taking shape. A story for the ages. I’m actually rather excited myself to see what happens next. A good sign that your answering the call, I find anyway.

Stargazer Music Video: The Music Video is now on the front page. It’s unlisted for now, but I’ll be working with a promotional company to give it some wings, so to say, in the coming weeks and months… to me personally it's just a tiny puzzle piece in a much bigger picture and goal that I see coming into focus... I don't have much expectation attached to the release of it... especially in this world of fake everything... I'm a realist, you don't plunge into the work on a cover song to arguably one of the best obscurely cult classic 9 minute heavy metal songs in 2021 without having realistic expectations.... and without doing it for reasons far beyond expectations.. once the art is done I tend to move on to new art... for now a simple doorway to it is on the Hadder front page. It might change a little in time… but it’s alive and free now for the eyes of the world. A pointy needle in a new England farm yard haystack with a single doorway to it for now. Back to the pile of odd puzzle pieces I go.

Music: I’m yet to get a vocal session in for “Hell Fall” since my return from the white forest. I’m guessing just one or 2 vocal days should close that track out as it’s like 90% complete. I’ll post it as soon as it’s done. The stargazer took a bit longer than I anticipated due to some electrical storms in the city. "Rivers End" is now in full recording mode, all vocals and keys and harmonies are completed, just writing the music now… which tends to happen quickly once I sit with my fender. If I could guess I would say 3 weeks based on what I learned from City Of Fire.… yeh, that sounds good all things considered. And of course, I’ll be releasing things on my way down that river. Lord skinny, you’ll like that one. The Rock king is waiting till one of these two tracks is completed. That’s enough work to keep me busy till turkey day. Zabble is planning a big gathering this year. How fun.

Website: It’s not final yet, but I’m seriously considering keeping all things Hadder related only on, rather than putting things on this site and that site and here and there…. It seems like building floors and rafters on my own foundation just makes way more sense to me, rather than spending fruitless time directing people to other places. After all, it’s not hard to find me if you’re really looking. We’ll see how that starts taking shape in the coming months. I’m still thinking about how that will play out. Lastly, the new search function is working quite well on the website. Try it out… amazing how that works. My dear Mrs Soundcloud was first on my list to be deleted... it felt really good to do that last night. My music feels home now... and my home is here.

Finally, it’s great to be back and it’s nice to see my dreams becoming a reality. A justice league gathering of sorts is just on the horizon now, with a complete list of characters all tapping on the wooden doorway as of late to a dream beyond a dream. Room #408. That’s the number on the door, I saw it 5 years ago in a dream, thanks… Mr evermore. Now I know. Happy holidays to all and to all a good October night.



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