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Raven sent to Lord Ramsay.

It’s Tuesday in November… fresh off Halloween festivities I’m back in the tower mixing and recording. A lot is happening behind the scenes this week. Just a few little updates as Jack wilts and the turkey takes its last prominent stroll around the garden grounds.

Stargazer Music Video – A soft release is on the front page. It’s nice to see some views on the counter as if people actually care to watch it. And I’ve received a few emails about it that were very nice to read, thank you. I’m appreciative of that. This week we start the PR campaign on it with an old friend in the Rock n Roll PR world. A new page specifically designed for the stargazer campaign has been built, you can see it here it’s a cool page with audio and video and Info and a collection of images and articles from the entire process of making such a thing. I’ll elaborate more on that when we officially launch. The video counter will reset as we have to do another little edit to the video to close it out tonight and reupload. What is life but a bunch of last-minute edits. My work is almost fully complete on this endeavor.

"Hell Fall" – New Song… well, I’ve sent a raven to Lord Ramsay in the night with a little present attached. After some midnight meetings to discuss its contents, I imagine I will soon add this new song to the collection. It might still change a little from now till then, things sometimes do, but it's raven worthy at the moment. If your on a desktop web browser reading this, you might find a secret link to it on the picture above… maybe.

"Rivers End" – New Song – I’m so excited to be fully engulfed in this song right now. I’ve already begun the guitar strokes. There’s a strong foundation of details on this one. I really love the poem even though the flesh is currently off the bones. This week I add some electricity to the mix and see what comes to life. You'll be hearing about it I'm sure. Here's a clip below.

Video Info: A few random video clips to the "Soloed" vocal tracks of Rivers End.

Finally my last trip to the hills above BOK has left quite the impression on me. I spoke to the clouds one afternoon and they said I should be happy and proud of the work I'm doing and that it's brave to venture to the hilltops alone. They said they were waiting for me and that the sky let them move around to follow me a while. They asked if I wanted to be a cloud. They enjoyed my antics. It began to snow as I read from my favorite book and a deaf calm fell upon the land as the mountain tops smiled at me. I could touch them and I did. My voice echoed above the snow line and dissipated into the sage brush skeletons that surrounded my feet. The path that took me to this place was very lonely, with only a single passer by, who quickly wandered past me as I'm sure such a sight would have startled any stranger so far from home. I did laugh again imagining a strangers thought... grumble grumble... So far, yet I've hardly begun. Maybe I am a cloud lord skinner... the cloud that kissed the mountain top and lifted off the snow above BOK on that Hallows eve... One thing is certain this November... I now know where the ladder goes.

Image info: Climbing the ladder, thank you lord skinner. What a view.


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