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The House of Hadder

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image: A video still on White Mountain from one of the guitar shoots for the LITR music video. This is truly Bat country.

Good morning, it’s autumn. For me, well, it might as well be Christmas. Me and Ezra are in the valley, just between Remrod and the red river. We’re camping here for a few days as the weather forecast is not exactly favorable for traveling over the hilltops of BOK. Generally, we like to move in stormy weather. Sounds strange, you might thing a nice deep blue sky would be best for walkabouts, but we prefer the cover of fog and clouds. It’s just safer that way. On a clear day you can see all the way to the black forest, so me and Ezra are fairly easy pickings for whygoths and rouge bizzmers. It’s ok we’ll stay by the fire till the next storm. I suppose an autumn update would be nice.

The coming of Vinyl: Well it would appear that the “breakers” vinyl may be around the corner after all. In July I released the record digitally and since then, it’s been a nice little grind into autumn. I didn’t do any promotion on the release as my plan all along was to start promotion after I completed the first music video. While I was filming the video, somehow the record drifted across the pond to Europe and then some interviews happened and soon after that some offers for distribution showed up in my inbox. And so I may have some help with the pressing and distribution and marketing of my little “breakers” record while I’m busy filming the music videos for “LITR” and “Ballad of the Dead Rabbit”. With the Hadder project, I’ve always been focused on the thing I’m creating and not so much the outcome. I do believe these are the best of times, now, while I’m traveling with Ezra.. dreaming and creating. I’m so very grateful that my waves are finding new shorelines. Occasionally I find a letter in a bottle, from someone who stumbled upon my writings and noises and it warms my heart to think something I did moves them enough to send me a little message. This first record was very important but it’s really just the cement in the ground, I haven’t even started putting walls up yet. I suppose the new videos might be the beginnings of the frame of what I’m building. I’ve been working underground so long, shoring up these polls on this Bokonian hillside that I forget sometimes what life might be like looking out my 2nd story tower someday. You see, in my head, I’m rebuilding my deck… the one that burned to the ground… the one where my full moon was. The place where I left my heart. This is the dream… I’m using Hadder to get me there. There was a tidal wave once in my life, it leveled everything…. And now I’m hell bent on returning to my mountain. I’m starting to see that that really is what this is all about. I miss my land, my home, myself… and I suppose some things are worth fighting for. How you fight, well… we all have our ways. I’m doing what I know and what I love… singing and writing my way back to the hill I called home. One little mountain at a time.

Time: Let me talk about time and the philosophy of perusing a dream. I see before me, a huge mountain. With every plateau I reach, I instantly switch gears and maps and focus to the next plateau. I’m a grinder and so I don’t sit an enjoy the plateaus as much as I celebrate the climbing. Time is all we have. From now until 2024 I’ll be quietly climbing the second of the two large mountains I needed to traverse in 2023. The first was the record, the second is the music videos for the record. In my head I see a few other distant mountains on this Breakers climb, rehearsals, the show, lights synced to programmed tracking of the record, allies and travel companion. These distant mountains might be the last mountains I cross before I write the next record…. but for now, today, in this precious remaining few autumn months of 2023… in this time… I’ll be traveling and filming. I have a few new tricks up my sleeve and this frame I’m building needs to weather the next fires and floods. If I could impart a few simple words of wisdom today, they would be “Perusing dreams is time well spent”. It’s ok to rest a bit and gather wood for the fire, as the days will be hard and the nights long and cold. Save your strength, you’ll need it. I will say, some good company does help pass the time nicely.

“Grumble, grumble…”

I heard that.

Farewell out there.

-The Dead Rabbit


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