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Stargazer Stills.

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

"Oh I see his face,

Where is your star? Is it far, is it far, is it far? When do we leave? I believe, yes, I believe."


As the long and tedious process of video edited takes place in the tower, I thought I would share a few stills from the video shoot. We had a videographer on set the whole day documenting the shoot and these images came from him. The entire process of this video has been filmed along the way, from rehearsals, to studio tracking and recording to the actual video shoot and I hope to edit together a nice behind the scenes video showing the process with all the incredibly talented people involved in this project. I've been filming the entire "TOR" record for about 3 years and the hope was always to release this footage after the record came out. For now, it does bring me a lot of joy to see that we could salvage "Stragazer" and see it through to this point, I can only hope the rest of the missing record will find the air waves and screen as well. As far as this video goes, so many great people worked tirelessly on this music and video and I hope it shows in the end that a little real well placed passion can maybe find a place in this world forever.

- evermore

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