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Somewhere between what we lost and where we're going

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

diamonds hadder deaf forever magazine germany interview

Image: Extended artwork from the Breakers cover, it might show up on the Vinyl gatefold. Maybe.

Good morning, It’s Monday the 27th of November.

“Remember remember

the 5th of November

Gunpowder treason and plot.

I see no reason

Why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot.”


I suppose that’s what I think about when I hear the word November. I won’t be blowing up the King and parliament but I do love a good story. I’m on the cusp of a full Beaver Moon today. It’s out there as we speak… crossing the earth under my feet. With so many little things happening let me give a little Hadder update on this moon day.


Diamonds Hadder Rock Hard interview: On December 7th, I have an interview scheduled with Ludwig Krammer who writes for Germanies Rock Hard magazine. This magazine was started in 1983 and if you like Heavy Metal you know about it. In a world where the digital media monster is trying to eat every paper magazine in the world, Magazines like Rock Hard are standing defiantly in the path of that monster. One might say that I might be one of those people standing beside them with an axe at the ready as well. My love for tradition might be a happy death for me indeed someday. I think we need these things.. paper… ink… film… dust and dirt. To remind us of what was. To honor the past. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share the story of this “Breakers” record in such a magazine. A big thanks to them for reaching out and for offering to spread the word about this thing I call Diamonds Hadder. Look for that interview later in the year. I’ll be sure to post it here as well. God bless the people who stand for something in this world.


Vinyl News: It’s too early to give a definitive date for the release of the Double Vinyl and CD formats of “Beyond the Breakers” on No Remorse Records, but, both physical releases are in production. The art and design phase of production that is. Tracks are also being re-mastered in Europe for each format, plans hatched, and timelines laid out. Let’s just say spring 2024 as that seems to be the safe bet considering general Vinyl production times. I think we are shooting for the Vinyl to be available around the time of KIT 2024, but that’s just wishful thinking for now. We are working on that and I’ll update you along the way as dates become available. Having said all that, my time has been shifted to the Gatefold and Artwork design. Music video production is on halt in LA until that vinyl work is done. Without giving anything away, I hope to include all the important images/photographs and artwork that were created during the making of this record. I’ve said this before, but the record doesn’t stop after the last track was recorded. This record is about the places and things that happened to me during the making of it as much as it’s about the music and words and tracks. It’s my duty somewhat to fill the gatefold with the physical imagery and memories of why this record exists. I’m working on that now.


Bella: Aside from all the Hadder things going on. Lets talk Bella and the Holidays. Bella is my 140lb  Japanese Tosa. She lived with me in that place where the breakers record started. She inspired the Ezra character I often daydream and write about. She is Ezra really. She also lived with me at 200 North for a short time which was a real blessing as most of my days before she arrived were spent talking to the ghost john hadder alone in the dark concrete room in the upper loft of that old building. There was a song called “Hiding in the Dark” on the unreleased “TOR” record that I was working on at 200 north. I suppose you could say it was about me and that place I retreated to after the fires. Anywho, Bella has been fighting Cancer rather defiantly you could say. Chemo treatments are done and now I’m really seeing how strong she is. I mention this simply because I’ll be spending a lot of time with her this holiday. She’s a part of me and a part of this thing that happened to me, called Diamonds Hadder. I often talk about “time” as it relates to various things we do in life… our projects…  our passions… well right now it’s “time” for me to be with her … every time she turns around, I want her to see “I’m there”. I’m hopeful for another year or longer but the reality is that time can be unforgiving and unfortunately unstoppable. I’ll be doing my best to finish up Hadder artwork and music videos during this holiday season with Bella. Let’s hope for more time. If you can, just send some silent good wishes for her. Thanks.


The Oaks: During the making of this record, I’ve moved around a lot. The entire record was tracked in 3 places. It started on the mountain I called home… that place where I awoke… the place where Mr Evermore first found me…. that place that burned to the ground. After the fires I found myself at 200 north, an abandoned and converted paint factory on the eastern side of Los Angeles. This is were I spent some time with the band TOR and crafted the middle section of this record. It’s also where Diamonds Hadder first came to me and where I started crafting the Diamonds Hadder novel I’m working on. Lastly was the Lexington, a small Hollywood studio I rented along with a rather over indulgent rehearsal room #408 on the outskirts of the city. The final tracks were done there between those two “Towers” I called them. Why mention all this, well, I may be moving towers to a new place to finalize everything. A place I call “the oaks”. Somewhere between what I lost and where I’m going. I mention this because I think I might be creating something there, maybe, and I want to make note of this day in “November” just before I arrive there. I think there’s a wolf there I need to talk too. I’ve done all I could do at my little Hollywood Lexington. Now I just need to know how to migrate some hummingbirds. We’ll see how the month plays out.


Before I go, a quick thanks to some new people who have been helping out with Hadder news and things. Dennis Otto at Metal Inside, Thomas Meyns at Metal1, Abattoir at Metal Storm, and Luca Avalon at Heavy Metal Webzine. It's the little things in life that matter more than you know. I truely appreciate the help.

Farewell out there friends.



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