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Rivers End... where it all began.

Good morning lords and ladies.. it's wed nes day.. closing out the year here in the tower. What a year it’s been. Not done yet. I’ve been packing today.. I’ll be chasing the western storm into the sierras for a little while.. thinking about my losses and gains.. hard to believe how far I’ve come with the Hadder dream in just a short while, although the very first face I collected was well over a decade ago. These murmurs of the dream have been knocking at my door for that long. I took my time opening it… but it’s open now. Maybe it took a few things that happened to me earlier this year to reach for the door handle… as it might you someday as well. We all have doors and knockings. (Shhhh.. listen… it’s for you, it’s calling to you.) Carpe Diem.

Let’s talk rivers, reality and fiction and the man in the Mystery Machine.

New Music: Here is the “Working Mix” of Rivers End, (on the front page if your Mobil) this is what I call the “drums, bass, and guitars” mix as they are all kranked up.. for listening during the music recording phase of a song. When I return from the mountains.. I’ll sit and do an actual mix and add it to the Hadder Player. I share it now, because I enjoy sharing the process, it’s important to me. Every song is a journey down stream… with pages of ideas and words... with failures and triumphs that mark the days of it's life.. and this song is the epitome of that idea. There’s nothing to hide and no secret to honest creation, try to remember that. Soon.. I’ll enter the falls myself… and find that mountain. I’ve passed the tree and I’ve seen the witch. Maybe I'll return. All the reason to share it now, in the event I don't.

The Novel: Zabble is pretty occupied with his new findings... perhaps Medlin left him a note somewhere... hmm... we'll see. Lots of new books for the book master and keeper of the Key. With Mattix around... Skylark has a nice friend to keep her company, god knows Zabble will be spending a lot of time there... at least until the winter moon and his promise to Medlin to go to the black forest where he will find something.... wonder what. Of course Diamonds Hadder and Lord Skynn are well and safe still on route to Europa and the Diamonds first meeting with his mother and all that comes with that. Meanwhile in the outskirts of BOK, the king has his own plans which I've yet to elaborate on... other than a little mention of the weapon he is developing to destroy the Warmoths and gain control of Eropean lands. All quite interesting... looking forward to the next notes myself. Without giving away too much, there's a special book... sitting on a special shelf... I think it's the next field note. Coming soon although mountain travels might slow the words.

John Heinz: The Mystery Man, literally. You'll see. A quick mention, meet John Heinz, who arrived to the tower 2 weeks ago in a Scooby Doos mystery machine... yes... you heard me right. He will be playing bass guitar for the Hadder project. We've begun the process of getting him assimilated and recorded on all the current tracks... I will release those mixes as they happen... amazing Bass player and he's very excited to be part of the project. One of the main criteria for being a part of this Hadder endeavor, is actually wanting to be part of it. I'm not really interested in half ins' and fence post dancers. It's a pretty simple request and desire of mine that people involved care to be involved, otherwise... don't waste my time or your own for that matter. The road is long and hard enough, dead weight will have to stay behind. I can make the trip myself although anyone is welcome to come along, if you can make it. It's my pleasure to work with him really, as I'm not much of a bass player.. other than having the talents to craft and create textures good enough to hold top details on the canvas. The few tracks he already has done as part of the audition were fairly amazing and like I said, I'm the one who's fortunate to have him on board so far. Great skills and great attitude and an obvious dedication to his craft, much like I care about my own craft. Important traits needed along the way.. for such a crazy dream to become a reality. What notions do you serve? Ask the man today behind the door to your dreams.

The plan: Although I’m working on songs in the now, with one left to complete the first record, my mind is months ahead.. I’m in a black tour bus.. it’s beautiful.. It’s sleek and it’s menacing in an artful way. A vessel of a dream. Carrying a bright light.. racing across a dark countryside. A safe haven for us lonely cards of a deck ruled by ruthless kings, Queens and Jesters. You'll see it soon. Inside you won’t find bottles of Jack and tipsy narcissistic assholes.. instead you might find some honest folks and a juice bar.. and some old heavy metal records. Ok, maybe a old bottle of whiskey for those wintery travel dates... Maybe an ink pen and a window overlooking the hillsides with a camera bag and espresso machine at the ready. The new dream is what we make it.. the past belongs in the past. It's ok to look at and learn from it, but not a thing that belongs in the present day. I hope someday I can give back.. when called upon. I dream of giving back without any notion of taking. To lift up rather than hold down.. or god forbid, to hold back. Someday.

Ok, here's the first Hadder record.. as I image it 2022


City of fire

Master of illusion

The crying game: (edited)

Long is the road

Ballad of the dead rabbit (edited)

Rivers end

The Ramsay/Evermore material is still all in consideration and may become part of the hadder record.. I just don’t know yet. That or it will become it’s own record. Time will tell me when it’s ready to tell me.

The second record I’m guessing will be partially based on the novel I'm writing. But that’s a bit past this first mountain and I have lots of streams to cross before then. I best be focused on today or else I could be eaten by a gorgon.

Happy holidays.

Mattix and Klipso say hey.

-j Evermore (Axe wielder)

Rivers End

Did you find a touch of heaven out beyond the silver line?

Is it really what you dreamed of?

or was it only in your mind?

Did you hide away from glory?

Just because you need a friend.

Do you believe there’s something magic… in the end?

It’s hard to believe we’re forever

It’s sad to think you know it all

what a gift we play the game at all

oh somewhere past the end it all begins again

Go see the man..

At the rivers end

On a slave ship, sailing off the edge

Cast away as if, you’ll soon forget

But it’s a long way, past the tree that marks the final turn

Oh what a mystery this is

without an answer to the call

Another lie without a why

Are we really here at all

Make it worth the fear!

Oh what a tale they tell us all

As we ride blindly into the falls

I know it’s hard to believe we’re forever

It’s sad to think you know it all

it’s a gift we play the game at all

Oh somewhere past the end it all begins again

Go when you can…


Dive Dive Dive

Into the golden waters

Run Run Run

As fast as you can.. away from here

Maybe you’ve seen the end of the stream.. and heard the voices in the falls

And met the witch at the only mountain rising up from it all

Oh somewhere down at the rivers end

I can show you where it all began

Oh down at the rivers end!!!


Dive Dive Dive

Just leave it behind

Ride Ride Ride

The wind to the falls

Maybe you’ve seen the end of the stream.. and heard the voices in the falls

And met the witch at the only mountain rising up from it all

Oh somewhere down at the rivers end

I can show you where it all began

Oh down at the rivers end!!!


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