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Loktor Creek,Vernus Dragonflies and the Dead Rabbit key.

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

"There's a man who lives in the tower, looking down at the world below, what he see's is only magic, right or wrong, no one really knows."

I have returned to the "Rabbit". I must say it's quite the puzzle piece. Always has been. I've spun it for months prior without the key or code, though I've learned a new trick or two since I've been away from the mystery of it's placement. Off topic slightly, I came upon a town once where the buildings all looked as though they were suddenly left for some reason. Tables were still set, carriages stopped on dirt roads with doors open, shopping bags filled with dusty groceries that never made it home, books out and signs "Open". What is it that caused such a scene? "The Ballad of the Dead Rabbit" is a lot like that. It was a piece of music I was working on that was not quite finished, at least to me. But I vanished one day.. while walking down at Loktor creek... I saw a female Vernus dragonfly and it started telling me about it's day, I was mesmerized by it's beauty and intoxicated from the hum of it's wings... little did I know it was a spell. I was told about these creatures once by Zabble, he's done his best to prepare me for things. Lets just say the rabbit was a sleep a while till I finally arrived back from my hum drug. I know all to well about the trials and tribulations that come with perfectionism, my return to the rabbit is not really about that, it's simply about tying up loose ends. I hardly regret my inquisitive nature or my love for the countryside and characters that cross my path, though such fascinations do have me waking on distant hillsides wondering how I arrived there. My lord, what are you talking about Sir John? Plainly put, I spent the weekend with the Rabbit and hope to finish it proper. The gatherings are taking place now, the fire is burning. Should have news soon from the northern tower, the guard still sends messages into the sky that can be seen for miles. We are watching. I guess the Rabbit will rise from the dead after all. I so love dragonflies.

- evermore


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