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LITR Music Video Update: Sun to Moon

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image: A still taken from some 120fps video footage from my recent "Long is the Road" guitar shoot on white mountain.

Good morning, a short update today. I’ve returned from white mountain with all the guitar footage needed to finish off the “Long is the Road” music video. I’ve also returned with all my fingers and toes. No Milligoth encounters and the Witch was happy to see me so early in the year. She was busy catching northern sierra tree frogs when I came upon her. I asked her for some wind and she brought a little stormy sky for the first sunset shoot. I think it was about 50mph winds as you’ll see in the video when it’s done. All in all it was 3 days of shooting, sun to moon… literally. One wind storm and a few late evening bats encounters and here I am back in BOK. So what does it take you ask. 2 Guitars, one RS3 tracking Gimble, tripods, gopro and guitar mounts, Canon R5, Ipad pro with raveneye Wifi monitoring system, amp, costumes, props, scripts and iphone playpack with 75% and 85% timestreched guitar and drum tracks.. I know I’m missing a few things but, point being, with so many little details to remember in such a remote location the shoots went off without a hitch. Other than me only bringing one guitar strap and forgetting I didn’t have the same quick lock mounts of each guitar. One full day was dedicated to a little intro feature I’m putting together for the video. Something special that will connect the 2 videos when hey are both completed. Something that has to do with me growing up in range of the great 94 WHJY heavy metal radio tower in New England. I hope to release the first video for “Long is the Road” in a few weeks. Now that all the first video footage is recorded and shoots wrapped up, I really am just finishing post on guitars and starting the final edits. The front feature will need a little scoring and dialog tracking that I hope to complete this weekend or the next. During these next weeks I be editing and packing for my first real pilgrimage with Ezra, where this year I plan I filming all the sequences needed for “the balled of the dead rabbit” during my travels through the canyons of white mountain, on route to the great tree. It should be a wonderful year of bringing my breakers record to life. Closing all this work out should allow me to focus on touring and writing a new record next year. That seems to be the plan as I see it. Throw in a vinyl release, some new merch and maybe a few cargo vans or a used touring bus and I suppose you can start to paint the picture of where the mad captain of this fateful Hadder ship is heading. Well that’s it for today, just wanted to give a little update. Ezra says hello. A little side note, I hear the interview I did with Yiannis Dolas for www.rockpages .com will be dropping soon. I’ll let you know when it’s out. Stay the course friends.




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