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The Return: A thought is a thing, like water.. like wind.

"A thought is a thing, like water.. like wind. As soon as it’s had.. so shall it’s magic begin.”

The Return: Hmmm… seems like everything is where I left it for now. Just a little dust on things. I haven’t visited the lower tower yet but in the coming days I will power up the trinkets there and feed my pet frog Klipso. The cotton wicks I ran to the garden are still wet, so that was nice to see. The wick fed ivy is running hard and fast. It tried to trip me on my way in, which tells me that it’s doing well in the BOK sun. A winter chill has certainly filled the space whilst I was away… let me say some things quickly. I've had some time on the slopes of thought this last week... and seen many visions. I always

met some interesting people on pilgrimage… I always do… I tend to invite peculiar events and interesting characters into my life while traveling. In my younger days some of these happenings and meetings could have gone horribly awry in a wonderful way, but my demeaner is much more controlled these days and I tend to sit back and observe a bit more rather than partaking in the fruitful dance, so to say. “A sharp mind is a hidden dagger in an unseen war.” A thing that comes with age I suppose. “I’m more intoxicated with the wind, light and words that ride the breeze rather than the bottled spray that kills the weeds.” Gesh, I’m starting to sound like Zabble. Grumble grumble. Then there was the oracle who enchanted me during a morning tea… hmmm… she had very interesting things to say and I think it was no accident that she appeared when she did. Her words stayed with me a while, she knew my mother and gave me a secret key to a very old door which I’ve opened a few times during my pilgrimage. Spooky place filled with tears… just when I thought things couldn’t get any spookier. I will say that when I opened the door… something happened in me. Anyway, we all have doors that need a crack and a wrap on. Here is a few updates on things I’m working on.

The Novel: A face shifting gifted cloak, A queen and the lost city of Europa... just a few new things and places you'll soon hear about if you care to follow the story. I’ve returned from my first pilgrimage… for a short stay in an old place. It was nice to be so far away from everything. Reflection on songs and words and things is so detrimental to the story I am creating and living in. I had a flood of ideas for the Hadder novel I’m writing and so I’ll do my best to keep releasing “Hadder’ field notes as the picture of Evermore and the Diamonds Hadder journey becomes more and more clear… I left off with Hadder and Ezra leaving kilwaughter castle on a pilgrimage, although things will soon get very interesting as he arrived at a local tavern for some food only to get a very important message from a very peculiar fellow that will ultimately take him beyond the black forest in the hopes of getting the answers of who he is and where he comes from. There are a few characters along the way that will be rather interesting, A queen with diamond eyes, a human girl who was saved by Johnathan Hadder during the war, the plotted destruction of the secret city of Europa, a great battle between Warmoths and the New king who has been busy with his own dark Mage secretly devising some rather unique magic to defeat the Warmoths, A magic face shifting cloak, Wave shifting Destruktor Globes, glowing red swords, secret downloading chambers associated with the Diamond race, trainings and awakenings… Love, Death, spies, good against evil….. you know… stuff of legends… I’m starting to see more of the plot and details of the story. I don’t want to give away to much… we’ll see how Mr Hadders Field Notes play out. Now that some of the initial introductions and stages are set, Hadder, Zabble, Ezra… Evermore… Kilwaughter… Warmoths… Kings and Queens… it’s time maybe the adventure takes a little turn. Poor Zabble, I don’t think he’s very safe these days.

The Stargazer Video: I suppose “Stargazer” should be 1st on my list while I’m back in BOK for the time being. You may have noticed I uploaded the MP3 before I left on pilgrimage. Look for a video any day now as I light the torches again and revisit and release the stargazer into the woods.

Website: The news page is getting rather large and cluttered. So I've adding a search function to it for key word search and I think I’ll be adding an actual “Hadder - filed notes” page to the website as the “Diamonds Hadder” novel takes shape. I think it would be nice to have it all in one place.

Music: I’ve had some time to draw the picture of the first record, one that I hope will drive a spring “Hadder” tour. Some of that picture has to do with these first 3 Ramsay/Evermore songs and where they fit into the grand scheme of things. I have a few months till spring to work it all out, but some big things are in the dream machine and it’s turning fairly fast these fateful autumn days of 2021. If history repeats, as it usually does, I see nothing telling me that all I dream of and more… will not come to a blazing fruition. Zabble would say, “A thought is a thing, like water.. like wind. As soon as it’s had.. so shall it’s magic begin.” What are you thinking about? Grumble Grumble. One thing is certain, I’m excited to pick up my microphone.

Final thoughts: Updates will be a bit shifty these coming weeks as the tower gets lit for winter and the local eggnog brew is on tap. Like I said, I still have a few trips to make. But I think before good OLD St Nick arrives there should be some rather interesting things going on in the Hadder universe. I hope anyway. It will be a long cold winter before the great thaw, best hunker down and train for what is to come. That can be true of so many things in life as we know it. Good luck to you, stay safe out there. If you happen to be near the woods.. listen for some chatter in the tall trees... don't be afraid... these words are as old as time. You'll see soon enough.


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