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Sculpting a Rabbit.

"Oh theres something in the darkness, in the corner of my room, nothing but his eyes I see, and the white from his grin and teeth."

A vocal is a lot like a sculpture.. at least that’s how I see it. A chorus is just a part of that sculpture, an important detail that needs focused attention. The lyric is the design. Sometimes five hours results in a masterpiece, and other times it’s merely scratching a vague shape in the block. On rare occasion a finished carving happens quickly and a master wax is cast perfectly and other times the design is slightly off and needs adjustment and revisions. I suppose you can relate that philosophy and concept to many things in life. A photograph or a painting or a Business. I’m fairly methodical when it comes to carving and that is the fun part of it for me. It also causes sleepless nights as puzzles lie unfinished at times while my mind painstakingly tries to solve the riddles in the dark. So is the tale of the “Dead Rabbit” but a puzzle and carving with a good design, yet in further revisions still which I hope yield a better piece of art in the long run. I haven't figured it out yet, but, I made some progress in the dark and cracked a few codes that had me stuck. True to life, They ain’t all dead rabbits, thank god, "Master of Illusion" was a design without revisions. Zabble agrees. I had a great night in the chamber... the walls are alive and talking to me. I'm so blessed and grateful for every day. Before I go... Worth noting, I approached a red light last night at midnight just outside the city of Bok and I saw a large rabbit in the woods on its hind legs staring at me.. I just cracked a smile at it and our eyes meet in an unspoken glare that was all I needed, I think I’m on the right path, it’s hard to tell sometimes. Thank you rabbit.

- evermore


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