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Puzzles and Rulers

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Image info: Me.

Good morning, It’s Wednesday in Los Angeles. A little update today on a few things Hadder related things.

New Music: I’m inching closer to the finality of the record. Each day brings me a little closer to it. The Crying Game should be finished this week, leaving me about 8o days or so to tackle “Long is the Road” and the modification of the “Dead Rabbit” track which seems doable. The new spring tower is rather quiet at the fog rolls around the place each day. My mind is quiet too as I simplified life around the tower.

The Stargazer Crew: The 2 cover songs, “headless Cross” and “Rainbow in the dark” are still in process, I’m waiting on finished guitars for “Rainbow in the dark”, but as soon as I receive them I’ll finish up my vocals on it. Headless is just about done. I suppose it would be nice to release these soon considering the new “Dreamers Never Die” documentary is dropping. What a great title.

Little Deeper Thoughts: I should mention that I don’t really connect with a throw away world, but I’m trying. The Hadder record is more a strange dream rather than a quick conquest. At times I create new songs during my vocal routines each day, songs that are more in line with where I am today as a singer and creator, yet I’m working on completing something that feels like an older skeleton to some degree. I think that’s natural and my stubbornness is keeping me honest with this first record. It’s a body of work that is quite personal in a puzzle like kind of way and I will need closure on it before I start the next adventure. I am however very excited about record number two and the novel. The idea of real rehearsals and the business side of releasing a record also is very exciting to me in a creative virgoesc way. To me it’s another puzzle that I hope to solve. Still a part of the original Hadder foundation… hopefully I make it to the act of décor and design for this structure before I start investigating other lands. I do wonder.

The War: I’ve been watching the events unfold across the world a lot lately, feeling a connection to my Ukrainian heritage to some degree… and the people there with much bigger issues and concerns than little ole me and the record I’ve been privileged to even make. I’ve been pretty inspired by a woman there who has been reporting from here bomb shelter each day… an incredibly strong woman that I consider to be an ambassador of hope… a very bright light surrounded by a very dark time and place… in the center of uncertainty and fear. Real fear… on a level that I can’t really pretend to understand. She inspires me and the people of Ukraine inspire me. I’m not much of a political person but I am touched by humans and the lengths they go for simple notions of freedom… freedom to dream… to be themselves… without rule and without entitled dominion. We should all be so privileged to dream and to be free. I think anyway.

That’s all for now… I suppose I’ll be well into “Long is the Road’ by this time next week.

Thank you all for reading. Farewell.


Video Info: A 2nd little video montage of anime that I liked to a small audio section of the "Crying Game" re-design.


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