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Lord Caruso and the Headless Cross

Good morning. A little Headless update on a busy weekend of filming and... oh.... I so love the games.

The Stargazer Crew and Mr Black: Saturday was a drum tracking day for “Headless Cross” and “Rainbow in the Dark”. Scratch tracks of guitars and Bass were done a few weeks ago and it was just a matter of setting up the drum kit and running through some takes with Joey Mancaruso. A rather eventful Saturday in Los Angeles. It was a rainy wildcard weekend afternoon in the old Land of Gardens… the old TOR home front… I hung around and filmed some drum takes and did a little photoshoot to commemorate the event. Just a gatherer of footage for the time being.. luckily I was still able to watch the games while we worked. Being from new England, lets just say I was happy I woke up Sunday morning in sunny California, far away from the snow and gloom of the Buffalo Beat Down. My heart is in Tampa these days anyway, at least an old part of it. I find the games are a nice distraction this time of year. Well, now that the drums tracks are done for these two cover songs, I have some rough mixes with guitar and bass scratch tracks which are good enough for now to get me started on the Vocal tracking over the next few weeks. I'll be doing that myself in my studio in LA... while I film that process as well.. No hurry, it shouldn't take long... all the hard stuff was done by Ronnie and Tony, I'm just singing. It’s a few more wobbly plates on the stack, but this stuff is a lot of fun to balance. Between this project and the games I really was sidetracked from the Hadder music for a few days, but I’m back at it now searching for the thread through Long is the Road… during a little break Saturday afternoon while doing some vocal exercises in the rain... I may have stumbled upon a little vocal harmony puzzle piece for the chorus of LITR... I'll take it... we'll see... spring is coming… a lot of things are twisting and turning inside my head. Should be an interesting next 2 months. That’s all for now… here is some video from drum tracking day. I have a lot of cool footage from the day. I'll release more in the coming weeks. For now just a little short preview of Mr Black at the helm, Lord Caruso rocking and some Hadder ghosts wandering around the place.


Video: Some video clips from the Headless Cross Cover song drum tracking session in Los Angeles, January 15 2022.


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