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Leaving the hummingbird cage.

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image: Some concept art I did of Klipso from the hadder tale.

Good morning, it’s Friday in November 2022. So I’m back from a few trips I took up north and just getting settled again with some Hadder stuff. Most of my bags are unpacked and things are quieting down while the snow starts to fall on the lands outside my windows. It’s almost winter now.

Updates have been a little scarce yes, but life goes on. Here’s a little update on Hadder things.

Music: With most of the record done now and on the music page I’m just taking my time with releasing it on all the platforms. I have no intention of working on another Hadder record any time soon… as most of my focus is on rehearsal things and concept art and website additions. Such a musical trek kind of burned me out a bit. It’s like going full steam for a few years has now left me a little numb. So, all I can say about music is… have fun and enjoy the music that’s on the music page as it is…. It was made with honest intentions for loudly listening too. That’s what I do with it anyway, as I run the track at LA fitness in the wee hours of the night… dreaming my life away.

Website: For the most part I’m quite happy with the website as the home for Hadder. I tend to avoid other platforms… as I just like having control over my tower. It’s ever changing I suppose like life is ever changing. A place I built over time… like a room… a hadder room floating in digital space. A room without rules. It’s like a peg board for me… where I can stick notes and record things that are passing through me. Imagery and words and ideas. If things go according to my thoughts as of late… there will be a music video or two for the record coming up next year and I’ve been reimagining some new looks for the endeavor. Diamonds Hadder will forever be Diamonds Hadder as he’s the character from the book I’m slowly writing… but the music side of Hadder may have some new looks. We’ll see how that plays out here in the winter months. I’ve added a concept art page to the website.. it’s a slow start… for now I just built the back end of it and threw a few images in it. In time this page will show some of the concept art for the Diamonds Hadder story I’m writing. Character designs and places and things from the evermore world, based on the Field Notes hadder has been writing. Like a scrap book for the place from my dreams. All the art will be available as prints and there will be a few shirts available as well… and considering I’m such a connoisseur of strong hand ground coffee… yes, there will be a few choice coffee mugs with a few designs that I’ve been thinking about as well. Cheers to that. These things take time… so check back later if your interested in that sort of thing. It’s amazing what one person can do with a little idea.

Finally: Well it’s chilly here. Let me step aside from Hadder things a bit… and talk plainly. A few months ago I entered into the golden stream… you may remember me talking about it. It’s a metaphor of course for my own personal journey into my own head. A journey into my own thoughts… I walked the halls of my thoughts these last few months and opened some dusty books that I never really noticed before. I’m living today in the perfectly designed world in which I created, as you are as well… such a simple notion, don’t you think? So plainly fundamentally sound… we are creators. Look around you… do you like what you see… yes, no? well you created it. You own it. I had a strange idea once… this silly guy in a mask… I starting imaging it.. I dreamt about him… I can only guess it came from my love for old movies and cinema and stage shows. I’ve always just had a very magical kind of mind… a dreamer rather than an accountant. A believer and doer rather than a couch potato. These thoughts have built the current tower in which I reside, but I was also building other things with my thoughts this last year… my thoughts had somehow built a little prison for myself. One day I woke up and I was trapped.. perhaps it was me in that hummingbird cage… hanging over the cypress swamps… dangling there like a fool. Well, a few months ago I finally had the courage and humility to leave the cage I built, and I wandered out into the woods… and that’s where I found the stream. That’s when I stopped looking for and cursing the warden of the prison… and realized that I built the cage. Silly me. So why am I saying this now? Well, these little notes are as much for me as they are for anyone else who stumbles upon them. Little reminders.. that TODAY, this very second friends… your deliberate thoughts are either creating yourself a new cage and prison or a new place of your very dreams. I really did lose sight of this somehow, well, until now anyway. It’s ok, these things happen. It’s nice to remember such simple things. I will say that some of my new thoughts have nothing to do with characters in masks and imaginary worlds as fun as those sort of things are… and I’m looking forward to the new tower I’m thinking about.. today.

Well, that’s all, at the very least I hope I’ve given you something to think about yourself. Good luck out there.



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