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Counting Down

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image info: An old image I took in a place that's literally gone back when I wrote the original "Crying Game".

A very quick update. I've decided to start a little count down to the completion on the Hadder record, considering I'm so close. Lets say 90 days... yeh, that sounds good. I've added a little counter on the front page that will hopefully keep me honest in the coming weeks.... I may pull away a little as well from the samples and video teasers as I approach the finish line. I hope to do a lot of promo and advertising stuff after I complete the record so some quieter time now before it gets released might actually be a nice thing. Keep in mind I still don't know if I want to release it all myself or have it released through a record label... I'm still thinking about all that. there are advantages and disadvantages to both scenarios... things really not worth thinking about now while I'm locked up in the new tower wielding the final brush strokes on my pretty little heartfelt picture. I may hold the last three songs, "Long is the Road", and the newly mixed and modified.. "Divination: The Crying Game" and my little "Dead Rabbit" Track, as I complete them. I will however keep doing progress updates on the stargazer crew cover songs hell, I might slip in a "Field Note" or two before the record drops. So much has happened to Zabble and Diamonds the last few weeks. That's it for now really.




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