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Cit of Fire: New MP3 available.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

I’ve added a new song to the music page. It’s a working vocal mix of “City of Fire”. There's a nice animation on the front page as well... I find it's nice to see things while my ears are working and thinking, particularly things that relate to what I'm hearing. Perhaps the cover is inspired by the King himself and his floating city. I always envisioned him to be quite a grand fellow. The track still needs an actual MIX DOWN and mastering session, where some things will be cleaned up and sounds fine tuned a bit before I officially release it but it's a good speaker kindling mix for my pilgrimage and maybe yours. I don't really pride myself on playing instruments but it's nice that I can at the very least do enough to finish the paintings I started. I've been documenting this track along the way in previous posts, feel free to search #cityoffire if your interested to know more about the song. I'm sure I'll have something to say about it once I return from Klevermore. I would like to close it out with some final thoughts, but I'll wait till I return. For now I'm onto completing #hellfall and perhaps even releasing the #stargazer before I leave for the Bok ale festivals and salty red cliff adventures.

"City Of Fire"

Was an angle, lured was he,

by whispers in the serpents tree

they said... take a bite before you leave

so cast out from the garden...damned was he

day and night they work their wicked fingers to the bloody bones

slaves to his unholy reign

like moths drawn to the flame

into the fire

city of fire

city of fire

so the king he was pleased

he vowed his kingdom not be seen

but only by the sinners be

who dare to seek.. who dare to see

years did pass, his palace hid, so proud of all the work they did

he cast them last into the sea to guard the waters of the deep beneath

Narration: (alternate mix/future release)

"Below the Cliffs a masons road

at the end a doorway goes

shimmers when the sun it shows...the city of fire

mirrored castles echo the golden rays

flaming spires adorn misty lanes

paved before we ever came

Behold.. the city of fire!"

So we race the sun... born to run, on a midnight turn to nowhere.

So we race the sun... born to run, on a midnight turn....

to nowhere!!!!

City of Fire

City of Fire

City of Fire

City of Fire

So we Race the Sun born to run… until the midnight comes

And we face the one... who built the sun… to hide it all

The city of Fire!!!!


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