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Update: Ebbs and Flows and where it goes.

A little Friday update as I’m all unpacked and thinking about master Zabbles Turkey gathering. It’s a week of cutting stems for rehearsals, writing guitars for Rivers End, rowing pleasantly down that wonderful river to the falls, revisiting the narrow cut in my heart and ironing out the big “Raven, Coin and Waterfall” field note which is one of the more complex pieces I’ve been pondering as of late for the Hadder story.

The Hadder Story: For some of you new readers and listeners around the world, you may notice that the Hadder site is a mix of music and literature... I’m guessing this literature will be the second full record on the Hadder Front, or at least a part of it. Perhaps it will be written with the new band characters all in place, that is the hope anyway. Funny how puzzle pieces work, every piece does reveal a little more of the picture… and they do get easier to find as the pool of odd little pieces gets smaller and smaller. As I took the last few days to pour some new bricks and get some words to paper from raven whispers and starry night cottonwood ponderings.. I cant tell you how happy I am that the tower I’m building resides on my earth.. and that even when I’m away I can see the fire I left… burning in the distance… and no one can take that away. Something so far away still warms my heart. It’s a thought that helps me sleep at night for sure. Hope you liked “the Bridge” story, it’s been rattling around my head a few weeks… I like lord Skynn, he’s an interesting character… one of those people we all need in our life. A mentor to some degree for little Hadder who is growing up and learning more and more each day about himself. There’s a few twists and turns coming, a Lady Wilhelm, The Coin of course, the truth about his dreams and that Magic Waterfall, The King and the Prison…. The chamber… Oh, it’s all coming together slowly. Stay tuned if you like such a thing, I have nothing better to do.

On the topic of Music: All energy is now on “Rivers End”, aside from planning auditions and rehearsals, which by the way are really starting to ramp up with some great players and prospects as of late tapping on the tower door, and a few minor minor vocal re-sings on “Hell Fall”, I hope to have rivers done before Zabbles grand Turkey gathering. It’s a tall order as the oven is practically warming already. I should note that the Ramsay/Evermore material on this site, including Hell Fall, is mostly demo material, missing solos and little production things and they may frequently be updated behind the scenes.. but I share because I think the process of creation is important and that most honest steps we take in life, the ones that lead anywhere worth a damn… they deserve to be recognized in the process… and not hidden away… to some degree anyway. I’ll try to continue doing such things. The vocal journey of “Rivers End’ was a very fond memory for me, I distinctively remember a giant wall that needed jumping during the process and the frustration of a few failed vocal leaps and bounds over that wall and a walk along the ocean, the day I broke the code on it. Sometimes it brings tears to my eyes… literally... solving the lyrical puzzle of a song. Its ebbs and flows are that important. That’s me. Enjoy the little vocal clip below.


Video Info: Soloed Vocal tracks from Rivers End, Chorus played along to some random video clips.


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