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The land of good intentions

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image info: A design for some Hadder merch that might show up down the road.

Good afternoon, It’s Wednesday in the land of good intentions.

Record update: Yes it’s now about 75 days or so till I hope to finish this first body of work for my dear friend Mr Hadder and his bizarre symphonic request. For the last two weeks I’ve been revisiting “The Crying Game” and I do believe that that track is 99% completed now. As I suspected, work is slow trudging these foggy months and I spend a lot of time in the hills between mixes and details and African Daisey clippings. Today I return to my “Long is the Road’ track. My goal still is to finish this track up in few weeks and then whatever time I have remaining, I’ll be closing out my good old “Ballad of the Dead Rabbit” song and touching up some mixes. I think I’m on track to complete it all. Of course I have many ideas floating around my head while I work on the details of all this… Music videos for all the tracks, not traditional videos but ones that resemble my website animations. Secretly I’ve been working on such things by accident, learning the ins and outs of beat reactors and automated video FX driven my audio samples.. It’s not rocket science, as others have been using the good old beat reactor for eons already. Later down this symphony road... I can see that I’ll be faced with a dilemma when the record is done… release it myself, which means full release on all platforms, youtube videos for each song, heavy dose of monthly promo add campaigns and press releases… live shows… merch.. (which I’ve already started designing and thinking about) , or… shop it to a nice label that might do everything I could do but perhaps only better. Of course I would rather write music than be a graphic designer sales person with PR skills... but we do what we have to. I have no idea right now what I’m going to do… there is a chance that I’ll complete it and disappear in the black forest as well, a quiet escape with my pen and paper and stories to write..… you just never know. I certainly expect nothing but more work ahead of me. Other things do interest me sometimes and I do get lost in the woods frolicking with Ezra and drinking mushroom potions. I’m trying not to put to much pressure on myself, expectations can really be killers of creation. Reminding myself that I enjoy this process along the way... might seem to be a no brainer... but it is something that all artists and creators face as we all march along. A sculpture can take a while and life does happen as you chip away. To some degree you have to be an emotionless robot at times.. steering the rickety ship ahead.. without a simple spec of land on the horizon, hope can be hard to see through the fog. It isn’t all rainbows and lightning strikes, although they are out there. And so I and we all sail still.... I’m on dicey ground these spring months… clutching for old notes and wet oars. But spirits have their days and I can see an end to this first body of work. Have I mentioned that I so love to sing.

That’s all for now.

Enjoy a little 3rd video sample installment of “The Crying Game”. Beat reacted test footage to the current beach side 99% mix. I haven't decided yet if I'll be posting the final 3 tracks before the 75 day window, we'll see. Not sure it really matters, but time will tell. It always does.


Video Info: A 3rd little video montage of anime that I liked to a small audio section of the "Crying Game", beat reacted. Test footage, as I'm designing some animated lyric video techniques for the record. It's a process.


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