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The Crying Game: Lyrics

I thought I would post the lyrics to "The Crying Game". I can tend to get consumed in the patterns of words and rhymes and stories and that certainly happened here. I grew up a fan of greek mythology and believe it or not, I even made up my own alphabet as a kid and would transcribe songs to my own alphabet with an ink pen. Now if your not familiar with Greek mythology and the story of Niobe, I highly recommend it. Quite the lesson to be learned in the words from the past. The image below is from Tobias Verhaecht, it's called "The Punishment of Niobe." He was certainly a handsome devil and I don't think I would have changed a single brush stroke. I can only hope my rendition of the classic tale can add to the story. I'll talk more about the song in general down the road as I have lots of stories of my own that were taking place during the writing of this music and lyrical adventure. For now, enjoy this long tale as old as time.

-j evermore

The Crying Game by Diamonds Hadder

“In the tower so it’s said,

not even queens can save the dead,

nor sons and daughters safe from gods,

12 deathly arrows found their marks,

Add insult to a wicked brew

Surely Comes poison to the fates\

best bite the tongue of a cunning snake

Lest ye remember all to late.”

“Oh lucky me”, the empress bragged

Wore the finest silk they had

Mother of 12 it’s said she told the lads

a son to many, wished she never had

Whispers turned to angry plans

Festered hatred for the 12 now in godly hands

2 would plot to take them all

Deep Inside the seven walls

So.. this is the crying game

OH… of the ages

How dare she speak of smug little graces

Such words grew wings, to faraway places

And fell on ears great men did fear

No one would take back her words would become the spear

“how could she forget that they created this”

letos will and vengeance was swift,

her sons arrows never seemed to drift

all seven sons and daughters would die

nine days they stayed above the ground for the king to find

The great king of thebes, even wore his burial gown in death

Would never he see, his (6) daughters to wed

Or sons to become, heirs to the his throne

Left his wife to cry inside the palace garden all alone

So, this is the crying game.. Oh… of the ages

Bite the tongue that wants to tell

If ever does it come to yell

Hold the words under a spell

If ever you wish to keep your graces

Bite the tongue the serpent spits

Ever will it come to hiss

As old as the gardens Traces

… now the stones have many faces (still)

“So, this is the crying game… so this is the crying game.”

“My lovely daughter niobe, heavenly queen of Thebes

Dare you angered the makers of men, and the throwers of sadness

Winds whispers have found a hole in our sky

And travelled the realms you’ll never know of

There your insults festered in sisters womb

But only the fates could make the call.. my daughter

I am not the bringer of this judgment

But a ruler of the play and players above

So pay you have for the words you cast into the neither

Now.. ask if you must, for mercy can be only to swift for you.. my truest daughter of such sadness”

“Father, I know why…”

“Father… I’m sorry”

“Father… have mercy…”


wide canyons carved, around the cursed men

who still stand along the hillside bends

just statues now of crumbling stones

hollowed somewhere inside from their rotted bones

Niobe lay under the stars alone

The last to walk among the stones

her people turned into a into a ghostly sight

Bodies frozen for the gods simple delight

And she the last to turn to rock

somewhere above Mountain top

To shed an endless tear for men

Her weeping ghost, still seen now and then

“Mother of all, your wisdom felt

in flowers bloom and snowy melt

till winter comes again you’ll see

the stone is always there beneath

All that remains of a kingdom gone

her whining waters speak the dead

a last her river seems a gift to men

but some things are better left unsaid.”


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