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The caged moth, the win and the art of the Actor

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

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A little Friday update on some Hadder doings and ponderings.

Little Hadder Things first: To start, I’ve been a little sidetracked this week… really these first few weeks of the new year. I’m a little behind on emails as well, perhaps later today I can sit with that sort of stuff. Those little messages are very important to me. As far as splitting time goes... It didn’t help that “Yellowstone Season 4’ came out recently… The games also have me quite entertained and pleasantly distracted as I’ve mentioned… I forget how much I enjoy them each year… and as we approach the finals and the last few competitors, me and Ezra are shivering in our seats and glued to the spectacle as it’s unfolding. I so love the thrill of competition. I can relate to it. It reminds me of something I heard recently… and I’ll share… It was on the topic of success and failure; “you have to work harder and longer than your competition” … to put yourself in the best position to win... So what is “winning? Well… winning is about chasing your dream down and reaching it.. moving forward… succeeding… it’s about an idea and a goal, and being relentless in its pursuit… to the point it might borderline on insane to some people… when really, it’s just about doing the work longer and harder and putting yourself in a position to win at all costs. BTW That doesn’t mean you will….win… ha, but so is life. Results vary and failures are inevitable. It’s ok to just stop running too or to change direction… if that’s what you decide. I think the games give me perspective and so I honor them and take what I can from them during this time of year. It’s like a water break on the race… I’m exhausted but I can see all my competitors and I can afford a little sip right now. Am I working hard enough to succeed… to win, so to say… I wonder about this. It’s a moth that never leaves the cage. Are you? At your own dreams and pursuits in life? Think about it… but don’t lose sleep over it. Each second of every day is a chance to turn it all around… you can sleep on that instead. It's a little less of the pondering pill to swallow.

New Music: Still working on the music side of "Long is the Road". Nothing to post yet, I have a mix I’ve been listening to and I considered putting a little video together and sharing it, but I think I’m going to hold back just a little longer. Unlike some songs where I just let them run free…. I’m a little more conscious on this one, wanting to keep it super focused and vocally driven. It’s a shorter song… I think in the 4-minute range and because of that I’m working a little extra hard on the chorus and the structure of the track. No hurry, just marching along these fateful days in January 2022. I anticipate a little clearing in the coming weeks.

I did however share a little video/audio clip from a song called “Child of the Sun” that was in process sometime around the creative timeline of “Evermore” and “Master of illusion”, I always envisioned it being on this first record… but I put it on a shelf for a later time when I started the TOR record. Not sure when this track is coming out… as I have some work to do on it still.. but enjoy a little piece of the last ‘listening” mix I did before I put it down to rest on one of my dusty shelves.

Website and Novel: Perhaps you’ve noticed. The field notes page has been updated with a new design. In the coming weeks I’ll be adding “Audio Narrations” performed by me and accompanied by some delightful background soundscapes. I’ll post news updates as they each get released. “The Coin Book” is next on the field note list and some of it was already sketched out during my morning tea time, soon, maybe next week I’ll release it… the redesign of the field notes page took about a week, so it slowed some of the new creative writing… but I’ve turned that page now… so back to Zabble, Skylark and Mattix. It’s fun creating something from nothing, you should try it.

The Stargazer Crew: I begin tracking the “Headless Cross” and “Rainbow in the Dark” covers this week. Now this should be a lot of fun. I ran three cameras during the drum tracking sessions. So I have some great behind the scenes footage… I’ll spill it out over the next few weeks as we get closer to completing the tracks. Doug Weiand is working on the final guitar tracks and Rob Black, the engineer for the project and the owner of Light Black studios in LA is doing the bass guitar work. It should come together fairly quickly. I’ll post updates along the way.

New Music Video: I may shoot a new music video for “Hell Fall”. Lord Ramsey and Johnny Heinz are both on board to date, talks are ongoing and it’s just a matter of saying “yes”, solidifying a drummer for the video and booking a day to film. I’m rattling the cage on it… we’ll see how all the other work pans out in the next week or so. I have an idea for a video that’s been haunting my brain of late. Perhaps it’s time to act on it.


Video: Some random video clips to "Child of the Sun", the lost Hadder track.


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