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Ramsay Evermore Project: Update

I’m back from Holiday readings. Just a quick Monday update on the Ramsay/Evermore project. We did a photoshoot over the weekend, a little promo shoot for some of this DEMO material I’ve been posting on the front page the last few months, which now seems to be three songs to date. Along the way I wasn't really sure where this material was headed. It was created for simple reasons with minimal effort and great intention and so I answered the call so to say as it was presented to me. I was considering it for the Diamonds Hadder record, but now I am leaning more towards keeping it as a separate side project… outside of Diamonds Hadder.. for lots of simple past Hadder related reasons that have been rattling my moth cage for the last month or so. I think that would be best. At the moment I’m knee deep in 2 other songs for the 1st official Hadder record, which should occupy my tower time till well past good old St nick’s arrival and departure. At that time, mid January or so, I’m guessing I'll have all this figured out. Reminds me of a lyric from one of the newer tracks I’m sleeping with:

“Time, is a ladder

up to the shine

every step we take

leads to another why

and hope is the only thing that keeps us alive

while we reach for the gold

long is the road.”

I’m in no hurry to get nowhere fast. Staying the course.

Happy Holidays.



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