"Don’t kill the song of the black bird

Who’s singing in a broken tree

Just because it sang wrong

Doesn’t mean it doesn’t dream

Oh don’t kill the song before the last word…

It just might turn.. you’ll see

You just might kill the very thing

Sent to set you free”

Theres a place that never was... and a door that will take you there.

"meek... meek, is that you Mr evermore"

"Who goes there?"

"Sleep well girl.. we'll be home soon enough..."

Wake up Johnathan.. 

you have to KILL yourself!!!"

""Past the tree that marks the turn."

""One thing was clear.. it said that we're.. headed for the END!."

"Zzzzzzzzzz....zzz.. grumble grumble"


""On and on we sing the song...."

"My Dear Zabble..."


"was it everything you dreamed off.. or was it only in your mind?"