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"Lord of the Golden Tower" MP3 is up

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

I’ve added a new DEMO song to the music page. It’s a sketch of “Lord of the Golden Tower”, which was written by Lord Scott Ramsay and myself over the last week. I’ll leave it up a little while, just wanted to share the initial process of creation again. Something I'll be doing a lot more of these days. It's missing a solo I think and a few little things but it's a great start to something. It's a step outside of the more traditional sounding music I love and seem to gravitate towards for the Hadder project, but I have a very eclectic taste in music. Generally, if it moves me and inspires me, I really have no problem with pointing my voice, my passions, my focus and my efforts towards it in good hope... perhaps that's true with other things in my life as well. I'll talk more about this new path later. Truth be told. It's a long and lonely river at times and the further down you go.. it's harder to trust the windings... but the falls are pretty.

"Lord of the Golden Tower"

I sailed away

into the black

with open eyes, to find

a reason worth the rhyme

I tried to stay

but she was faster

the river bled, it said

Beware... the dead

who's the lord of the golden tower.. my lord, it's you..... it's you.

Seasons came and seasons went

adrift at sea

do distress sent

no letter left

no somewheres end

no jack or Jill

just a whisper that said

who's the lord of the golden tower... it's you.

my poles they drag the floor

searching for something

down below the water line

hopes are cast and dreams they fall... into nothing

my ship it holds it's course.... well into the night

It took me in

and the pain was gone

with ever step, it said

I'm sorry but you were wrong

this water ends

this time is short

soon land breaks and we wake

as we tumble into the falls

who's the lord of the golden tower, the one who dies at the final hour... it's you


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