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Hadder News: The little things.

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Just a little update on some things happing around the Hadder grounds… it’s hard to pick a nail to hammer, so to say, but I keep swinging and driving.

You may have noticed a new animated front page of the website which was on my mind for about a month. At least if your looking at this on a computer, mobile users unfortunately will not see it yet. I finally had a window last week to sit with the concept and design some diamond plate backgrounds… I always wanted to show what Zabble and Ezra kind of looked like in my mind and there is just something about diamonds and windows that excites me. I’m a doorways and windows kind of person. I may shoot a music video in the same fashion… a still scene with open windows showing things as the song plays, we’ll see.. it’s a thought anyway. There’s a lot of possibilities surrounding the overall concept and it's pinging my radar. Yes, I'm writing something novelesc called "Diamonds Hadder".... more on that later.

The Stargazer video: I’m still editing it, well not really, I was in a holding pattern waiting for schedules to align with other people involved so that we could finalize some clips. We had our second clip finalization day this week and I'm approaching the finish line now. Excited to release it of course as it was a very overwhelming amount of work to complete it. I'll be traveling to the Red Forest lakes in the coming weeks for the annual autumn ale festivals, so it will be great to release it before I disappear. Don't tell Zabble, as he considers ale a silly poison. Stepping away from things offers a nice perspective and I like the deep woods.

Auditions: Take it from me... trying to assemble a band in Los Angeles is more difficult than you might think or imagine. Especially when you dress like a strange band leader super hero villain and have peculiar ideas that don’t fit into a traditional mold of sorts. I’ve had lots of inquiries and gatherings over the last few months and some things are organically coming together… I like it that way. I consider the endeavor of assembling a group of likeminded talented people like building an elaborate garden... which I've done before on the hills above BOK… and like an elaborate garden... as I water the seeds more and more each week some things are starting to show, are they weeds or fruit I don’t know yet. There’s no hurry really, nails are being hit, holes dug and poles planted… the tower is being lifted regardless.... and Im always aware that devious squirrels still might come and eat me out of house and home so to say.… it wouldn't be the first time... it’s a blurry picture but there are a few elements that are coming into focus. Let me lastly say, I’m fortunate and grateful that people even ring the bell.. and I’m ever grateful for each inquiry I get and any effort that people put into answering my add. I hate having to choose, I do really. Did I mention I'm considering buying a tour bus? Well I am. It's either that or a plot at Notre Dame cemetery. I figured the plot could wait..., I don't think my stone is going anywhere, besides I like the idea of loud music and the open road. A marriage made in heaven.

New collaborations: I have a meeting with Lord Ramsay later in the week to discuss what will come of the DEMO collaboration sessions we have accidently started. "Last Light" and "Lord of the Golden Tower" will be up for discussion. I'll talk in lengths about this later as I'm still trying to figure out what to do with it exactly on my end and how far to take it. Everything takes time and I don't want to stray to far from some of the actual Diamonds Hadder things that were already in process, unless of course it falls under those rafters. For now, I love to create and so something was created rather quickly and with great intentions from all parties. That's reason enough for it to exist for me.

New music: Aside form the Ramsay collaboration... on the topic of new Diamonds Hadder material, I have several new songs I'm working on including an original Hadder version of "City Of Fire" which I hope to release in the coming weeks. "Ballad of the Dead Rabbit" edits are being done to bring that track to a reasonable length and finality, as it was always intended to be. "The Crying Game" is also getting it's due overhaul which includes some shortening and a few re-sings to close it out for official release, work that was originally intended just before I was willingly sidetracked with the TOR project. Stargazer Cover will release soon.. with video.. other song titles in the works. "Shine" "The Rock King"... "Rivers End", all in process and at varying stages of completion. I'm sure you'll hear a lot about all this stuff in the coming months as I try to drive the nails home and release things in as timely a manner as I see fit.


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