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Carving the Stargazer and The 2nd Fool

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

I woke at 2 in the morning… to a bright new moon smiling down at me… and took a walk down by the mouth of the Red River… I could hardly believe my eyes, rain was falling, in BOK… wow, it’s been a while. It was nice to sit in the rain and think. I haven’t read anything as of late, nor do I intend to, although some words from Anthony Weldon have been ringing in my ears just under the soft hum of the warmoths. I prefer my own words and thoughts this time. It’s been a busy few days, thinking about old “Fool Shame” proverbs from The Court and Character of King James, dead ends, buried coins, new songs and most important as of late, carving the stargazer idol relentlessly into the wee hours of the dark night in Chamber #408. I have a few new characters for the Diamonds Hadder tale but the time is short on the Hadder front. My stargazer commission is takin all my efforts at the moment, but I do see a window very soon where I can return to my Hadder universe. Met with old friends yesterday in the gardens and that was nice, was good to step away from the knife and idol.

I came to the end of a road recently, generally I’ve been traveling in a straight-line forking left and forking right at times but low and behold.. it literally stopped. I thought perhaps it was a trick, as Zabble seems to take joy in my bewilderment of this place, but I soon realized it was in fact simply an end. It happens so I’m told. I made my way through some not so desperate brush and into a clearing where I noticed a fresh path closely hugging the river, I didn’t look back this time. I also left my tattered journal, empty story book shell, and an old coin there as I felt it would better serve the next person on that winding path of broken and lost things. Say what you will, I have learned a thing or two from that path. It’s different this time, I’m different.

The last thing I will say about lost roads. Some things go beyond ignore…. And forever isn’t long enough for some heartless actions and paths.

I’ve been whistling a new tune as I work, it came in the night…. And generally, those are the best tunes I find… perhaps it will see the Hadder project once my idol is completed and I get some fresh new dirt under my feet. Enjoy a few video stills from a stargazers dream.

“The Second Fool”

Once I was blind

Watching lights and chasing shines

Looking for a line

To pull the world closer to me

Oh you’ll see

Before I died

I was catching ashes as they left the fire

To spin them into words I tried

But a fools hope, no

It doesn’t burn up twice

So no, oh no,

The lie is a truth

So go, you should go.. forever

for it’s coming ever coming

No why, oh know why

Must we die so soon.,

The story left the pages kept.. there

And the waves took the rest.. dear

One afternoon

Before the 2nd fool.. oh yeh

Before the 2nd fool..

come the moon

For us all so soon..

till we learn the tune..

oh.. there’s no June

Before the 2nd fool

Once I was tired

Thought ever spell I cast would lift the night

Every dream I had was worth some fight

But the sand underneath

Couldn’t keep the tower right, no more

Try I did, to build it quickly

A foolish kid caught up in foolish tricks see

And why? for the sake of it then

But Bless the sun, for she’s come to warm my sacred beach again

So no, oh no,

The lie is a truth

So go, you should go.. forever more

for it’s coming still ever coming

No why, oh know why

Rest the one, my own mirage

Another chapters done.. but I go on.. and on

Oh, oh, oh..

before the 2nd fool

Before the 2nd fool.. oh yeh

Before the 2nd fool..

come the moon

For us all so soon..

till we learn the truth..

oh.. there’s no June

Before the 2nd fool

Rain out my window, woke me in the night

Months since I heard her out the fire

But the sun, she’s coming soon

New lights and new June’s

For me.. oh.. and for you

So far I came.., Oh what a shame.

Sometime before the second fools rain.

- evermore j


Doug Weiand - Guitar

Joey Mancaruso - Drums

Kent Hiltz - Bass

John Evermore - Vocals


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