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White Mountain

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image: As of today, this will be the cover artwork for my little "Beyond the Breakers" record. Although, when it gets officially released on July 1st, all the songs will have their own covers. I just really liked this one and so for now, it's the main cover associated with the record as a whole.

Good morning May.

A few little things going on these days as I get ready to release my “Beyond the Breakers”. Sorry I’ve been away from the weekly blog updates. I’ve been enjoying some fresh air away from the vocal booth. Hatching plans for the release of my little labor of love.

Music: Release date is set for July 1st. That’s it. Soon it will be available in all the typical music platforms. Just in time for my autumn wanderings. What a journey to take. Long truly is the road when your creating things with your own hands. A record in 2023 with standard A 440 tuning, I must be crazy. Aside from the Hadder record I will also be releasing the Ramsay Evermore songs you may have heard on the website. Lord Ramsay and I gathered in the wee hours of a may night to track his guitar solos for the three songs we will be releasing. It was a wild night of guitar screams. I’ll post the new versions as soon as I get the new mixes. They are set for weekly releases after the Hadder record drops as well. It took a while to set up the release, but as soon as the last song gets uploaded I’ll be switching to Music Video mode. I hope I can get one video done before I leave for white mountain. Fingers crossed.

The Diamonds Hadder Novel: Added some animated Video narrations for the first few several field notes. They’ve slowly been getting uploaded to the Diamonds Hadder youtube channel. I’ll be adding more over the coming months until all 16 are completed. As far as the story goes, I don’t really plan on writing the next 16 field notes until at least winter. I think just closing out those first 16 this year will be good enough for me.

Staying the course: In January I envisioned myself later in the year on white mountain listening to my record on Spotify or apple music, in between mountain dashes and river crossings. I also envisioned my field note animations keeping me warm and toasty by a nice eastern sierra campfire. I’m close to completing that little dream. Beyond that, I’m not sure, but next year should be really exciting… there’s a new marathon on my horizon, some new shoes for the race, a new tower and new characters I’m sure in my future. The start of a race is so much more fun than the actual running, to some degree. It’s when you make the rules and design your route through the woods. What will you carry? It’s when you decide where your running to. I’ve been on a path that was set for me so long ago that I wondered if I would ever reach the finish line of my little breakers project. But I did. Perhaps the next chapter of this endeavor will include some new places and new characters along for the ride. I hope therefore I am. Well that’s all for now.. enjoy these final days of may 2023. Good luck to you.



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