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Zatarra and The Dead Calm

Just a little update on some things.

New music: With the holidays fast approaching, all my focus is on completing "Rivers End". What can I say, it’s so close, but the devil is certainly in the details… and I’m swimming in details these final days of 2021. I’ve been listening to a mix the last few days and I’m gathering info on it for the next batch of small mods and tweeks. I have to remind myself that there is no hurry and that the song will be done when it’s done. It’s like trying to rush a pie in the oven… it just is done when it’s done. “Long is the road” is sitting in the wind, I’ve already recorded drums for it… and I have a working mix of drums and VOX I’m been listening to regularly. What a treat if I could complete them both before the new year… we’ll see. Sometimes big swells come in… and sometimes the water is dead calm…. I’m waiting by the water looking to the horizon, ready to capitalize on any ripples I see but I am leaving soon for the mountains and so I wonder what will happen, wish me luck.

The Novel: Hope you enjoyed the trip to Medlins door, I know I did. Originally that field note took Zabble into room 408, but he decided to stop at Medlins portrait and then tell his candleholder story so… I decided to leave the story hanging with him crossing the threshold of the room… I’m pretty excited to see what’s in there... although I do have an idea.

Hadder Illustrations: Off topic a bit from the words of the story, I plan on releasing some additional artwork for each of the field notes, commissioned pieces, some will be chosen for merch on the road… some for a comic book idea that might also accompany the Diamonds Hadder tale… and some might just grace the novel when it’s completed. I have a few artists that I want to work with on it… but like everything, it’s a process. The illustrations above are from a great artist and friend of mine who actually inspired a character in the Hadder tale… Lord Skynn himself. Me and Zatarra Skynner go back a while, it’s great that he’s interested in helping with some illustrations over time… and it’s really me who’s grateful and thankful for it. I think he's quite gifted and the man behind the pen is as powerful as the pen itself. I know this first hand. I don’t know where this is going just yet, but everything is something… for now I’ll be keeping the illustrations close and looking at them and thinking about how they fit into the grand scheme of things. Everything is a piece for the puzzle and everything gets used for the picture, in some way, at some time. That's true life.

The Stargazer Crew: I received a letter from Lord Weiand last night, perhaps there will be studio time this weekend for the new cover songs, to which I will be attending the event and filming, I think anyway, we’ll see.

That’s all for now, if you need anything… I’ll be paddling down river….. Happy Holidays.



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