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Unstable diffusion and the Gallies

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image: Some artwork commissioned from Lord Julius Maximilian for field note #2, called "The Child". Thank you Jules.

Good morning Mr March. How are you? I’m surrounded by rabbits these fateful days… and happily lost in some Stable Diffusion. A little update on Hadder things.

Artwork and novel things: Oh things are moving along nicely, by day I’m lost in melodies and tracking for the Rabbit track and by night I’m surrounded in new art ideas. Seems some of my recent images have begun talking to me. Some are speaking the narrations for my field notes page, while others are singing for the dead rabbit video. It’s quite the sight over here. Yesterday I had the greatest ideas cross my mind for some artwork. I don’t want to give it away just yet, but I’ve always envisioned myself as the downtrodden, the person who was always so close to something big only to watch it brush past me, almost good enough for this or that. I don’t really seem to fit in and that’s ok, I suppose there are a lot of us that are like that or feel the same. Growing up I was fascinated with fantasy art, a lone kid dressed in headphones most of the time… lost in music and imagery. A tale as old as time really. I suppose that’s why Diamonds Hadder looks like it does. Anyway, I bring this up because I stumbled upon an idea yesterday for an image, which might be that Cover of this Hadder record. Although I like the artwork I’ve been doing for each track cover… I’m really excited about this new idea. It’s one thing to make a pretty picture with colors and curves and comps that stimulate you with their appearance alone. Its another thing when the image also captures a moment in time, when the character and the environment bring about a sense of wonder and emotion. I loved that about my early artistic hero's growing up.. they had a great way of lifting me from my drab life. I wandered their canvases so much growing up. Art is great therapy. Now that some of my artwork has started talking, I’ll pick a few I like for the video “field Note” narrations. I released one this week. I imagine this is a fellow on the outskirts of Bok. There’s a lot of interesting characters out there. I should mention the Galliok, or the “Gallies” quickly before I forget. At least that’s what I think they are called. They are a rather flamboyant group of almost cult like characters on the hills of Bok. Governed by some priests and priestesses.. they generally don’t relate to individual Male and Female stereotypes, “they” are a rather interesting bunch of characters. One in particular who goes by the name “Morgan”. They each possess a rare mix of masculine and feminine traits. The degree of which varies. If I could plant a seed in your brain, well, imagine a group of genderless Viking-esc magician evangelists. That’s how I see them. The Gallies are a bit religiously fanatical and imposing in their beliefs. Kind of like the crooked dirty priests of the land, self-righteous and condescending. Not all, but some. Not sure what part they will play in the tale, perhaps just a little spin off along the way for a wandering Hadder. They do have a gracefully beautiful and frightening way about them and their magic should be taken very seriously. One last thing, I remembered that Lord Banes own dark magician has a very odd thing about him, his left hand grows roots… and needs a constant trimming… for without it, a room could be overtaken in vines rather quickly, overnight so to say… a little lasting result from diving into dark spells, one of which went terribly wrong.

Music: Still tracking this week for The Dead Rabbit. Recorded some grand piano parts for the front of the track, been listening to those a lot. I had some vocals I tracked without the piano and so I had to write the piano under those vocal lines. It worked out great. I think that was one of the final puzzle pieces for this track. It was a good week for rabbit puzzle pieces, but I did take a little listening break to score the front of the Video narration for “The Child” which was released earlier in the week. That was a fun little surprise that came from nowhere. I surely didn’t plan on the narrations getting video so soon… but what can I say, I didn’t plan on my artwork talking on its own. “Plan to be surprised” I used to say.

Well, that’s about all really. Just another day in March, another storm, another clock moved forward. Spring is coming no matter what, rain or shine. One last thing, yesterday morning I pulled into my little spot in the city, where I vocalize each morning in the dark. And there she was, a little rabbit in my spot, sitting there… my headlights dashed across her body as she stood fast, head up, frozen in the lights. It made me smile. A rabbit all alone in a concrete jungle.. it seemed out of place. I smiled perhaps because my nights and days of late are spend working on the “Dead Rabbit” track… music and artwork… is it my godfather come to say hello? Is it a little tap on my shoulder? To say, young Hadder… stay the course. Or is it just a little rabbit in the city who decided to stand a post in my parking spot. I wonder, I really do. Well that’s all folks!!! Hope your well and learning stable diffusion like I am… do we really have a choice? Farwell.


Video: My artwork decided to talk, so I had him read a field note, "The Child""


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