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The Navigators

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image: Just some artwork I liked, inspired by the Dead Rabbit in us all.

Good morning… it’s Friday in late July. Don’t cry.

Strange days as so many little things I’m working on are culminating to an end. I suppose I can see another little cross roads approaching beyond these next few months. A time when maybe I’m fully engulfed in the Hadder book or maybe another book that I recently started called “the Ancients”. Something about winter rehearsals sounds very enticing to me as well… I love the cold air of autumn as it collides with summer.

Music: It looks like my little timer is almost done. So where am I on the record? I’m a few sessions into the “Rabbit’ re-write. I believe I’ve solved the riddle of the front of the track… which seemed to come together after a few hours on the piano. I had a little guitar doodle that kind of took off on it’s own and I ‘Think” has become the ground work for the opening sequence of the song. It's in the video below. I also spent a day trying to incorporate this new opening sequence into the rest of the track and for some reason… I think it just doesn’t work that way. Funny how that works… it does seem to sound nice standing on its own to open the track. Time will tell as it always does. There’s also a new operatic section in the song, it’s something I’ve been thinking about just for this track and so during the 1st vocal tracking session I did earlier in the week, I think I found a spot for it. And some new lyrics came to me the following morning for it as well. I'll test it out this weekend. If it works…. Great!!, if not… oh well. Life is filled with as many failures and successes. Trick it seems is to navigate away from the failures and towards the successes. That relates to many things. We are navigators at heart.

In all reality I don’t think the rabbit track will be done per my front page counter, but, I’m close and well in the throughs of it.. and so we’ll see what I do. I may update the music page with some artwork I had commissioned and add all the songs to it with little players, minus the last rabbit track of course as I continue painting it. That might be nice, we’ll see… I may design that next week.

Life After: It’s frightful to think about a life without writing this record. It’s been a part of me for some time. I do love finality to some degree. My gears are already turning on what’s next. I’m guessing there will be a little breather time when I just sit around the tower, sketching ideas and seeing what seeds are left in my little bag of tricks. Perhaps I’ll travel more, who knows.

Well that’s all for today, I have a very busy time ahead as I approach the final weeks of this endeavor. Ezra says hello, I noticed a few more people joining up on the site recently and I just wanted to say Thank you all for reading and for taking part in this little Hadder journey with me. Always so very much appreciated. Much love.


PS. Some new lyrics that might show up on “The Ballad of the Dead Rabbit”

I took the road through the pass

Fate it seems she never asks

Where a prophecy looms ahead… some see

The clouds they took a shape

To warm of coming days

And this winter she would take… it all… from me

I saw a wolf that night…

In a dream…

It rode the winds from the fire that I set

It spoke in tongues I’m yet too understand

But one thing was clear, it said that we’re… headed for the end.

Sins they fall like winter leaves

Call me the master of the weeds

Tending the garden once a week,

Shame some things we can never keep

So I tried to hold it all in

Things I could never be or say

Oh this precious gift of life,

Still buries in the end.

Sands they run through broken glasses

Falling falling ever faster

Till the hills they made are still

it starts again..

All it ends and turns to ashes

Burning burning ever after

Till the hills are nothing more

it's then… we rise again

Video Info: Some clips from Watership down in 78 to some "Dead Rabbit" doodles earlier in the week.


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