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The Fields of Summerset

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image: Hadder and the Tyme Seer in summerset.

Good evening lords or the crimson alliance.

Its Friday in the 7th cycle and ponderings are plentiful on the summer plains of BOK.

I’ve returned from a little Tyme Seer adventure on the outskirts of Boulder country. I suppose a little update is necessary.

Music and Fields: As I stated last week, I’m still recovering from a treacherous virus or spell that took my voice from me for 2 weeks… it’s ok, nothing I haven’t been through before. The voice is a delicate matter. That has given me some time to dive into the music of my last Rabbit track. It’s also given me an opportunity to revisit some mixing chores and experiments that are on my list. Once I complete these songs that doesn’t really mean the record is mixed and ready to press… most of the mixes on the site are simple vocal board mixes used during tracking and so once my ears kind of reset from all the musical crafting and such, I can start to think about the sonic qualities and wave lengths of the songs and work on some scientific mixes. I will say that this current tower is great for creativity with plenty of flying creatures but mixing music is an entirely different beast and I’m not so sure my gardens or the beasts will tolerate the loud noises that will be needed to glue some of this stuff together. And so… yes… I may mix in another tower, we’ll see. Most of the high powered trinkets needed for mixing are in a tomb out back that I buried to protect them from fires, furniture from the 408 tower… so, there may be a little autumn cob web cleaning and a fresh new platform built for that other mix stage of this endeavor. The countdown on the front of this website was really just a number that I attached to the writing process of this endeavor. It was something to keep me honest, kind of like a cliff I set in front of me, a soft number to mark a stage on this road. I’m almost there, I am on the last track, so it worked to some degree. Ezra is bored as hell with all this writing, she’s a bit eager to get to the gates of Europa already… can you blame her. In truth, I’m bored of it too… there’s a time to sow and a time to reap my little friends. here in summerset the garden is growing behind me and I’m on my last row, so to say… 25 cents a bushel Lord Decambra would say. You could probably grow a tulip on my hat I’m so dirty from these fields. Soon… I guess I’ll reap something from these seeds, I hope. Although the wise old man that I am is ever present that a simple storm could wash away all this work in a simple summer swoosh… and the Hills of BOK wouldn’t even flinch a whisper of regret or remorse. Life is a bit harsh at times, so I’ve learned, best to just keep weeding and not think about such things. A storm might wash the fields work away, but it does take an earthquake to change the landscape and I’ve literally seen things rise from ashes before. I find comfort is the storms and heavy rains that have fallen on me, though that wasn’t always so. I also don’t see any landscape rumbles in my future so I think these fields will at the very least, be here for sowing for some time. Every good harvest has a bad harvest year as well that measures it. Think about that. I’ve seen a few years go by me that were complete losses, as will you. No worries… just stay the course.

The “rabbit” track is a tall grassy task, there is some good with the original demo and some bad. Lots of re-sings and edits are needed, the initial song was 12 minutes long, I was in a LONG SONG mode back then, when I’m done with this version it will be about 4:30. I don’t mind a long song, but this rabbit track really was meant to be straight and to the point. The front of the track was a cluttered mess of music and so that really is the hardest part of this new painting. Listening to the vocal and rethinking a simple musical phrase and pattern that supports it, then building it up from there.

Artwork: I should mention that an artist I’ve been working with pleasantly surprised me with a beautiful rendition of “Ezra” and “Skylark” hanging out together. It was a beautiful surprise that I awoke to while I was fighting the virus. It gave me a nice smile and for that Lord D I am humbly grateful. Ezra and Fanglores in general were inspired by a Japanese TOSA Inu that I had. The concept is very close to my heart. To see an image of her, as though she has been brought to life forever now, well, let’s just say it’s very inspiring to me and it makes me smile to imagine that she is forever in BOK now wandering the hills with Hadder. I also have another piece being crafted by Lord Jules, who did 2 amazing pieces for me already, this latest piece is a rendition of the moment I awoke by the tree and first noticed the words Diamonds Hadder… I’m excited to see it come to life… and last but not least I have a large canvas of Diamonds Hadder that was done in Portugal, where some of my blood actually came from. I’ve seen the finished piece and it’s just a matter of getting it on a boat and to the states now. In all honesty I’m holding off on a larger more expensive canvas I was originally planning on doing, at least until I can come to terms with the contract and the costs. I have so much artwork as it is right now, perhaps it’s best to build the record with what I have already. We’ll see, I’m undecided on that today.. but my moods swing like a leather seat hanging from chains at windy playground. Art is important to me and so perhaps I’ll proceed with that after all. Time will tell.

I suppose that’s all for now, just some thoughts to close the week. May all your dreams come true. I’ll be in the fields if you need me.


Video Info: Some more furious video for the Long Road. The end vocals are from a previous mix, not sure how the end will be on the final, still listening and deciding on a lot of things with this track. Tricky little number.


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