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The Death Cult Rising

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Image Info: An album cover from an old friend: Hippie Death Cult

Good Morning, it’s a Hippie Friday. I was on a little week long pilgrimage away from the tower and so here’s a little update on hadder things and some other fun stuff.

It’s a full June here in Bok. Oh the hills are magical this time of year. So intoxicating in fact that the ghosts do pull me away from the daunting work and grind of Hadder things. But it’s ok, life is seasons… and hadder is no different.

Record Artwork: Well, the first round of artwork is in for the new hadder record. I’ve shared a few sketches and things so far. To date I have 4 pieces completed, 2 outstanding and another 4 yet to commit to, I also commissioned one larger piece for the cover of the record and I’m imagining a concept for that piece. That piece will take 2 to 3 months to complete. It’s a rather larger piece and it will most likely grace the cover of the Album. Unless some of these other commissions take center stage instead. I’ll wait till all the artwork is done before I choose a cover. A cover is important. It’s the door to forever.

Music: Well, I’ve been busy. The orchestration for “Long is the Road” has kept me very occupied… more so than some of the other songs for sure. I’m not sure exactly why, although I suspect it has to do with the chorus of the song, which has been quite the little puzzle filled with many odd little pieces that are slowly but surely coming together. It has not been easy connecting these dots. But, I will say… it’s quite a piece of work. Overall the record is nearing some final weeks of contemplation and tweaks… I hope it all finishes in time, but to be honest it doesn’t really really matter if it goes longer. Does it? No. Life is about the journey, not the destination… remember? And this record is forever now, hardly defined by a few days more if needed. I’m guessing it will be a soft release as I then have so much more to decide upon, labels, release, art, merch, rehearsals… there’s a lot behind the scenes to something like this, so we’ll see what shakes from the tree.

The Death Cult: Well, lets talk about something else. Recently a good friend of mine toured through Bok for a little earth shattering show downtown. I played music with him years ago in LA, so it was nice to catch up. A jolly young chap is he. I thought it would be nice to share some of his music today. He’s quite the guitarist, although really, he’s amazing at a lot of things. There’s a certain kind of beautiful insanity that comes with all the work involved with making music with a band, recording and writing records, touring, advertising, merch… the list goes on and on… and this guy is certainly sitting at his own throne of sorts…. Surveying the land and planning his assault. He’s always been that way and I admire that about him. His new band is called Hippie Death Cult. I’ve added some links to his music. Give them a good listen, I promise this music all comes from an amazingly positive and uplifting place in the universe, born with the most humble and honest intention. I mean, who doesn't wear shoes in the city, but the most grounded. I’ve had my share of run ins with characters in time, and this guy is certainly a lord his is own tower. Love you Ed. Stay the course brother.

Other things: A quick heartfelt thank you to some of the artists who took time to work of Hadder related things. Thank you so much for your talents and energy. I’ve had a great few months here in this new tower, it’s not quite as eventful as the magic space behind door 408, but it’s a different season for me. I’ve come to appreciate the many seasons we walk through on the quest of art, each has a purpose and each plays a part in the sculptures we create. There’s a peace in the tower that I haven’t felt in a while.. so many pages left to write… so many songs left to sing. So many ages said the night… so many wrongs turned to things.

Thank you for reading and for following along. See you soon.



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