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The Dead Rabbit: Wolf and the Fire

"I saw a wolf last night in a dream, it rode the smoke from the fire that I set, it spoke in tongues I'm yet to understand, but one thing was clear. it said that we're headed for the end."

I lived in the hills for many years. The dry hills that one day caught fire and burned everything I knew. More than just the physical reality of things, but memories and a life all perished in the unstoppable flames that jumped the hills like an effortless ghost on frolic. Like a giants hand sweeping across mountains as though they were merely loose sand through fingertips, the fire had no conscience or care. I wrote this lyric before the actual fire. You could say it was a premonition of sorts... I recall the drive when they came to me... looking out over the dry hills, I saw a wolf in the smoke and and it was saying something but I couldn't hear the words.. it was a warning I think, about the end of something.. maybe I was the one who set the fire that day. Not literally or purposefully, but a fire starter was I all the same. A little backstory and look into what made the dead rabbit after all.


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