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The Dead Rabbit: The Gardener

"Winds they fall like winter leaves, call me the master of the weeds, tending the garden once a week, shame some things we can never keep."

I had a dream about a vigilante who lived in the hills above Bok, he would sit and watch the world below his little perch each day.. pretty view he has... You might call him the Gardner, tending fields filled with wicked weeds. He's a bit vexed and disgusted with the filth of the world. You could say it was a slight reflection of me and my own feelings toward that small percentage of humanity that aims to lie and steal and cheat their way to some imaginary top of their own imaginary mountain. #Losangeles is a breeding ground for such filth, but like I said, it's a small percentage... and I like a good story more than anything. This character owns some land in the rolling hills and a nice stretch of dog kennel fences, where he keeps some rather wicked creatures that perhaps the world is better off without anyway. Believe it or not, he's really not that bad a guy. You could say he's just tying up some loose ends and doing what the courts probably should do, and eye for an eye kind of character.... with a keen eye for opportunities that could swing the pendulum to the side of the victim and who also has the financial means and power to right some very bad wrongs. Unfortunately songs can only have so many words.. for me, the visions of each song are so much more than just the fleeting words and connected letters inside the waves of music. A dilemma I wish to rectify with videos some day.

This "Ballad of the Dead Rabbit" track is one of the songs from the first session that was left in somewhat of an unfished state. Good enough to release as is for now, but still some check lists yet to check. Once the new black tower gets power this week, I will be revisiting this track. I have so much to say about it, but I'll stop here for now. Thanks for reading.


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