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The Custodian

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image Info: An initial sketch from comic artist and illustrator Fausto Michelotti for some commissioned Diamonds Hadder artwork. John and Ezra on a leisurely stroll in Bok. You can see more of his incredible work on insta @faustized and also at

Good afternoon lords and ladies of the land. It’s Friday again… I felt like I was just here. Here is a little update.

New Music from the the Stargazer Crew: Well. Late last night actually, I received all the music files for the new Stargazer crew cover songs. They arrived by carriage to the tower. This will allow to me finalize all my vocal takes over the next 2 weeks. Should work out rather nicely as I have about 40 something days or so to complete the Hadder record. I’m fairly certain both of these cover songs, “Headless Cross” and “Rainbow in the dark’ should be completed by then as well. I will share some of that finalizing process.

Hadder Record: yes, things are close now. I had a little 2 week window of guitar solo arrangement for the “long is the road” track, which took a lot out of me. Balancing all the instrumentation and orchestration can be daunting to say the least. It’s a very complex song, but then again, aren’t they all. Tonight I’m actually cutting some vocals for the finale of the track… now that the music underneath the screams is a bit more finalized. Time is on my side so far... of course solo parts may change for final cut. Last but not least.. I’m not expecting to much work for the “Dead Rabbit” track that’s lingering last on my workload as it has good bones, just needs some new flesh in spots. I forgot how fun it is to play guitar. It’s not singing of course, but it’s fun.

Commissions: To date I have 6 artists working on various pieces of Diamonds Hadder artwork for the record. Some of my time is focused on that. Sketches and revisions and Ink drawings and paintings… it all takes wonderful time and attention. I might add 2 more before all is said and done. They each have their own style and magic. I’m excited about this process and the results.. bringing Hadder, Zabble and Ezra to life is a delightfully fun process. It gives meaning to me. As I said before, I hope to have video’s for all the songs, but not all traditional videos… some will appear to be moving images with little surprises. I’m guessing that some of these commissions, combined with my own artwork and photography already on the website should be enough to round out the record and supply me with a few nice designs for merch for this 1st Hadder record. I’m not sure I have the record cover yet, but I’m looking for it. Maybe I have it already, maybe I don’t. Time will give it to me.

Closing thoughts on a Friday.

Life seems to moves at a snails pace.. I know from my Tyme Seer that that is not actually true. I like to stare at the fog… it’s always in a slow dance but I still watch patiently. Lately I’ve been watching some clips from the Tyme Seer and I realize that the fog is actually doing a little jig… vibrating a bit faster than it appears to my Bokonian eyes… makes me wonder what else is really going on around here. On the cusp of a June gloom I have slowed my heart to an even pulse… I remember this. I don’t expect much. I don’t anticipate much. I just walk the hills and do my best to try to be honest with who I am without caring to much about other things beyond my control… the clock is running dear friends and the world is vibrating under your feet. Nothing really matters in the end… more and more I simply feel like a custodian of the silly things I possess. Even the ideas and experiences that mold and shape me are temporary things that will eventually disappear and be forgotten to some degree. Think about that. We are borrowers of this time… I certainly am. What we do today is amplified to some degree… but in 300 years there might not even be a tree to sleep near, nor a computer that recognizes old hard drives filled with old digital trinkets… nor simple freedoms… So how good of a custodian are you.. how good of a keeper are you.. a planner for the inevitable? Today my friends… watching the fog… listening to my breath… this is what I control and that’s enough. Oh yeh, and I’m making a record and writing a story too… why not.

Good luck today friends… holidays are fast approaching, and some new far away pilgrimages are on my horizon.. may they be on yours too..

Farewell out there.



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