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The Code Breaker: A part of the play.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

A new week in the shadow of winter. A few things.

It’s a reflective day. I feel like the stars are following me for some reason… as I sat at my parking lot beach this morning running through my vocal scales to the hum of city lights. Patterns and scales turned to words like I was at an opera. “Oh madness brings me peace, a tiny peace, a tiny lease. on life…. Oh there’s something in the wind tonight, even the leaves are brighter… the clouds have colored me with a smile today, the past is gone… and it’s ok… there’s something in the wind tonight…” Somber words to piano scales perhaps for the rock king bridge, who knows……. If you look closely, there’s a little hope in that phrase… a little freedom too. I think I’m part of a play. I’m in it.

I woke at 3:30 thinking about the string inside of ‘City Of Fire”, my feet were tapping to the patterns from verse to bridge to chorus… the puzzle was working itself out in my mind as I slept. I sprung to the living room to find my little fender squire staring at me… shivering in the autumn breeze that’s been hanging around my balcony. My little golden squire is missing some M3 screws on her high E string saddle, but she still sings in her lower register. I quickly began unwinding the string that had my feet shaking in bed… I think I cracked the code… finally. After a weekend of laying backgrounds on the canvas of my little City of Fire tale… I think I finally unlocked the key to the details. This is my life… puzzles and pieces out of sorts… until they suddenly start to show a picture underneath. It’s great when I can complete one… I do have puzzles that are 75% complete scattered around the house. Sometimes I don’t really like what I’m seeing, and they sit. Anyway, now that I think I have the code… it’s a matter of getting to the lock and with Stargazer Video edits and mixing audio this week… well I’m left with it idle in my pocket until I can turn the key. I will say, there’s a sense of relief now though… and it’s a feeling I know all to well as a puzzle builder… a feeling only a code breaker knows. We’ll see.


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