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The City of Fire: A new Song... an old tale.

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Just wanted to share the lyrics to "City of Fire", now that it seems to be my next main focus. It was named after a view I had of BOK one afternoon while sitting on the hillside. The city was catching late sunlight and a strange fog was behind the city kissing the distant mountains, so the towers and spires where glowing almost as though they were on fire.. an illusion that was magnified as the city seemed to hover in the air against the grey gloom and dark mountains of the day behind it. I remember things. Anyway, the tale of this song and the creation of it goes back a little while and so what you'll hear soon enough is a wonderful story that took many twists and turns to arrive finally at this moment. It will be really nice to finish it and release it and move on. I literally have books of lyrics to this track... which is generally the process for me as I'm constantly sculping the lyrics and patterns to Hadder tracks. I generally always see things in my mind as I'm writing lyrics... and I tend to see these images flashing as a song is playing. Some words take longer than most to pen, and this tale took a long time to crack the code, at least how I envisioned it anyway. It might not get a grammy nod, but it's almost done.

Video Info:

Just some "City Of Fire - soloed Vocal Tracks with Keys" - played along to some cringe worthy video clips from various test footage and video shoots I've done around BOK in the last few months. I have some rather grand ideas for this video once the track is completed. I'll try to release some stuff along the way.

“City of Fire”

Was an angle, lured was he,

by whispers in the serpents tree

it said... take a bite before you leave

so cast out from the garden...damned was he

day and night they worked their wicked fingers to the bloody bones

slaves to his unholy reign

like moths drawn to the flame

into the fire

city of fire

city of fire

so the king he was pleased

vowed his kingdom not be seen

but only by the sinners be

who dare to seek.. who dared to see

years did pass, his palace hid, so proud of all the work they did

he cast them last into the sea to guard the waters of the deep beneath

Below the Cliffs a masons road

at the end a doorway goes

shimmers when the sun it shows

the city of fire

mirrored castles echo the golden rays

flaming spires adorn misty lanes

paved before we ever came


the city of fire

So we race the sun... born to run, on a midnight turn to nowhere.

So we race the sun... born to run, on a midnight turn....

to nowhere!!!!

City of Fire

City of Fire

City of Fire

City of Fire

So we Race the Sun born to run… until the midnight comes

And we face the one... who built the sun… to hide it all


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