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The Bloom

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Image: Some artwork I did of a young Hadder out in the Black Forest.

Good morning, it’s Friday again. Oh, the waves of march are pounding my coastline. It’s music to my ears. I was wandering this week and came upon a river that fed into the ocean out past ramrod, and with all this winter melt, it was flowing like I’ve never seen before. A rapid stream rushing over rounded beach rocks spilling into the crashing waves of the pacific. My cove has been rebuilt. It took quite the winter I suppose, but it did reform itself. Well, what’s new.

Artwork and narrations: Well, I’ve been riding the AI train these fateful weeks of March. I seem to have found myself in the middle of a rather interesting time in terms of art, I stumbled into it quite accidentally. I am embracing it and I think it’s rather exciting, especially considering all the work I plan to do for this Hadder project. Between MJ-5 and GPT-4 and Clipgrab and Kaiber… well, let’s just say I’m getting some help with some interesting and mundane tasks on the storytelling side of things. And then there’s the whole talking animations thing which happened rather suddenly. I knew there was a reason I was designing all these characters months ago. When your walking the path, the true path… what ever that is to you… it’s kind of natural to run into things along the way that help along the journey. I think that’s what’s happening. So, having said that, I’ve included another talking narration this week… “Lord Zabble and the Castle Fanglore”. It’s so nice to here and “See” it spoken… is this Diamonds Hadder talking? In one of the many faces he seems to wear. Hmmm… not sure, but he has a way about him for sure. His eyes are quite piercing and hypnotizing. I was at the gym last night listening and watching him talk to me and I felt like I was in a trance. I like the way this whole story is turning out. By the time I write the next 16 stories, I imagine I’ll have a few new tricks up my sleeve as this AI video revolution takes shape this summer.

Music and The Rabbit: Last track is coming along nicely. A lot is going on lately, aside from the final vocal tracking days for my dead rabbit overture… there’s also a revolution in the Mixing age happening as well, again mundane tasks are being done away with… sidechaining bass guitars to kickdrum thumps, notching strings for vocals… it’s all going away thanks to our new AI friends. For me it’s a blessing, I’ve always enjoyed the creative side of art so much more than the mundane tasks. I never wanted to be a music engineer or a photo and video editor… I just wanted to make art. I wanted to snap the picture and hold the microphone. So, these new tools will all happily find there way into my workflow so that I can accomplish more on the creative side of things. Regarding my rabbit, the end of this song was going to fade out… which these days is a strange thing, no songs fade out anymore. That’s precisely why I wanted to do it… and the song sounded like a fade out, but I accidently composed a little piece of piano for the end and a little poem vocal line to go along with it and so now… hmmm… I have a dilemma on my hands. I’m hoping to figure that out this week… the new piano part is a pretty good closer for the record and for the rabbit tale itself. We’ll see. I do intend to release a video for the Last Track and I’ve been writing a little story board for it along the way here in march, as well as designing some art and techniques I hope to use in the video. I think it should be done at the end of June, yeh, that sounds good. I think I can do that. I have a large body of work left before autumn and winter pilgrimages come a knocking on my chamber door once again. These are my spring and summer chores.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m scheduled to go see another rehearsal room downtown this week. Rehearsal rooms are such a financial kick in the gut. Bok real estate is kind of ridiculous these days and so there’s no rush on my end to open that flood gate, at least until the record is fully released with a video in the wing. I hope sometime in August to be sitting in my chambers sipping a cold celebratory IPA, as I pack for yearly pilgrimages, pondering all my talking narrations and smiling on the mountain I climbed this year. I see a big change happening in 24… in a lot of things… new walls… new space… new towers… ends and beginnings. It’s like the 7 year turn just up ahead. A few more months to go… awake in 23. It’s going to be a lovely spring, I can tell. My osteospermum are blooming wildly this year. Hope your well and doing you. There is a revolution actually knocking on the door… let it in. It’s not so bad. Just some new wallpaper for the ages. Farewell rabbits.


Video: My artwork is still talking, oh well, so I had him read another field note, "Lord Zabble and the Castle Fanglore". Is that Hadder himself... hmmm... he does have many looks with his face shifting cloak. I never can tell who he is really.


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