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The Black Bird Singeth

diamonds hadder the tower kind winters promo video

Image: A tree I know and an old friend.

Good morning little rabbits of the earth…

“Its high times for the wine man”…. Don’t ask, those were the words of my vocal exercises this morning. I never know where they come from or who sends them. I was walking through giant hilltops of ancient trees this morning… and that’s all I heard blazing in the distance.

Yes, I did take a week off from posting an update. Quite frankly I was just happy most of the record was up and I wanted it to settle a little there in my digital Hadder realm. Oh I wasn’t twiddling my thumbs though. A little update.

Music: The rabbit is alive and well… seems it was warned from a black bird of the coming fires and so he hid deep in the earth as the wolfs fire brushed over the hillside. Thank heavens for him. Is that you Zabble? hmmmm He’s a little clever bastard. The last song has taken a rather symphonic turn for the best… there might even be a sacred ceremonial chant in there as well… nothing wrong with a little rising of the dead.... ha... what once seemed like a little revamp of the original demo has now gathered momentum into a grand finale track for the record. A little closure for Hadder and the Rabbit to welcome the true coming of spring. A flood of words has brought new life to the tale and it’s kept things rather exciting here in BOK as I can literally jump to the finish line now. I'll hold off on any new audio or video this week, but as I begin tracking the new vocals to this grand piece of music, I'll try to post something special in the coming weeks. Stay tuned if you like.

Other things: A giant orange butterfly flew into my tower a 2 days ago, literally, I think it was my dead godfather… wishing me well on this endeavor, it’s been years since I’ve been to his grave at Notre Dame Cemetery but I just know he’s smiling up there at this crazy fool on a hill in the west…. In other news, I received a gift in a dream last night, from someone I knew… a small fellow, it was a strange ornate thing, it was the shape of an elongated carousel… almost like a hookah… but it seemed magic in some way. I dont know what it meant... but it had the aura of a very kind gift surrounding it and it warmed my heart like hilltop campfire, there was also a sadness surrounding it. Anyway, just a very magical 2 weeks as the fog is starting to lift to colder weather patterns and pilgrimage itches under my toes.

Ezra is shedding this month, as she gets a dazzling fresh coat of black fur each winter and a red tint in her eyes, gone with the whites of spring and summer. I suspect it has to do with her predatory sense of winter… which is also when she eats most of her food for the year. She hunts at night, generally while I sleep by the campfire. Many a night have I awoken to her with a bloody faced grin licking her chops to firelight. And sometimes hell, she just takes the whole thing back to the campfire and eats it there. Quite the site to see first thing in the morning. Oh well, I guess we all need to eat. Grumble grumble.

I met a fellow rabbit this week, which was odd. I wasn’t sure that others survived the fires. That was a bit shocking to me and in some way it was a relief. Sometimes I think I’m alone on this journey and it’s just refreshing to know that I didn’t imagine it all and that there were others.

What else.

I hope you enjoyed the new graphics for the record. I certainly do. I slept a few good nights these last 2 weeks while my digital Hadder stood watch with his Tyme Seer, as the fire that brought him to life danced beyond the breakers. An image that certainly means so much more to me than you could imagine. If you ever have a chance in life to manifest a dream and slowly watch it come to life, it’s a very empowering thing to see. It almost makes the snails pace and drab bore of real life itself a bit more shiny and bright, if even only for a flash. Oh it doesn’t hold the boatman at bay for long… you know he wins in the end anyway, but as least I might have a chance to grin while we sail away. And that’s all I can hope for little rabbits. You could be so lucky to do the same.

Hadder Rehearsals: Well, they haven't locked me up yet. That's a good sign. Rehearsals are on my mind and the wheels are turning, these are big wheels and who knows what will rock or roll. The final months of this year of my hadder world will revolve around planning the actual release of this record, sending word to Remrod to see if any weary travelers are up for a fight, completing my Ancients project, and taking a wonderful pilgrimage or two or three… deep into the white mountains and narrow canyons of the Bokonian forest. I may even venture out past archers bay to the green lands of Europa. We’ll see. Updates will continue as I venture to some uncharted lands on all these fronts. As always I wish you all so well and thank you for traveling with me this far… may you dream the biggest and most beautiful dream imaginable and have the courage and will to accomplish those dreams in good health and with great fortune. The boatman says hi. Stay warm out there. Dig, DIG!


Some words that came to me from the dead rabbit.

“I heard the song of the blackbird

Singing in the fields of blowing wind

Past the hills I called home

that angel, it said to dig

They tried to kill that black bird

Just because he tried to sing to me

And so the fire it swept past the den

And that wolf… he could never get in

"Don’t kill the song of the black bird

Who’s singing in a broken tree

Just because it sang wrong

Doesn’t mean it doesn’t dream

Oh don’t kill the song before the last word…

It just might turn.. you’ll see

You just might kill the very thing

Sent to set you free”


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